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  1. Why not the Benelli M3, its pump and semi-auto. I know it's much more expensive than the 870, but it's a pump and if you want semi it just requires a turn of the switch.
  2. I guess you should look around for another FFL dealer whose willing to do the transfer and also willing to sign an agreement. If you still want the M4. "This is not legal advice, just my opinion and should not be considered legal advice. If you need legal advice seek legal counsil" [ 01-10-2006, 02:08 PM: Message edited by: arvs ]
  3. Darn Nbox thats crazy, Traders should not have not done that to you, but their known for being ***holes. Look for another FFL, even the most paranoid FFLs here in Bakersfield, Ca would even take the m1014 or the 11707. There is no California Law that I'm aware of that states that you have to have a removable choke tube. Pretty much every shotgun I've ever seen at the range don't have removable choke tubes. It seems to me that they took your shotgun and sold it to someone else, probably because of how high-profile seller it is. Why else would they ignore you? You should maybe report
  4. Oh darn, they just sold out the California models. Ok, you need to check your local benelli dealers. My local gun shop Second Amendment sports called me like 2 weeks ago saying they got the M4 in stock. Check around, Benelli has started shipping them out. I got the Benelli M2 Tactical, so I won't be getting an M4. I'll really satisfied with the M2. You'll get your M4, Benelli has shipped them out. Just use the Benelli dealer locater and called around. I'm in California too
  5. Nbox your in luck, cals armory has the m4 in stock for $1350.00. Heres the link: http://www.calssportingarmory.com/BenelliM1014M4.htm You'll need an FFL to do the transfer
  6. arvs

    M4 / M1014

    [ 12-30-2005, 12:30 AM: Message edited by: arvs ]
  7. Looks like a Benelli R1 with a pistol grip and collapsible stock that takes ar maps to me.
  8. I know what the problem is. This has happened before but with my autoloader rifle. When you hold it upside down or at a angle, the parts inside will move in a position where the bolt won't fully go in right or load right. So I guess its not a good idea to hold this shotgun upside down or at a angle? I've also had the same problem to when attempting to load a .223 in the chamber. It leaves a gap for some reason and won't fire. The gun is a kel-tec su16. But don't that suck, on an old 1100 remington, I always put a shell in the chamber, pull the bolt, and put more shells in. And I
  9. I just purchased a Benelli M2 tactical yestorday. I knew I wouldn't get an M4 so I settled for this. I'll be able to pick it up November 26. Then I'll take it straight to the range. 9 days left. The total price including taxes and dros fee is $1071. This gun shop was super small, the M2 had been siting their for about 3 months. When she undusted it, it was brand new. [ 11-17-2005, 12:56 PM: Message edited by: arvs ]
  10. As far as I know, they don't take deposits, its more of a pre-order notification list. Your in line, and when they get one and you get your turn, they will notify you. You better have a ffl to send it to or they will not put you on the list. But there are some people who have been on the list since Oct. 2004, but that was on the police model, the regular m4 seems to be getting filled at a very slow pace. But if your really really desperate for an m4, theres one used on gunbroker. http://www.gunsonthenet.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=40077715 Personnally, I'd rather ha
  11. Good job on your transaction. You beat it to me, but I was snoosing. I've knew they had some for the last 2-3 months. But I'm hestitant to order one online, because I've never done before. But my local gun shop told me what to do if I did want to order one. O well, guess it wasn't meant to be. Please post pics of it when you get it. [ 11-11-2005, 07:52 PM: Message edited by: arvs ]
  12. Well most online retailers don't except deposits, just a waiting list. Most gun stores that are benelli dealers will take a deposit for the M4. But just remember get an agreement, if they tell you 3 months make it to where if you don't get it in 3 months you get your money back. There are some dealers who will take your money and pretend you never deposited because you don't have an agreement. The average price I've heard is around $1300-$1500. And they'll want like a $700-$1000 deposit. THeRightGun.com has a few M4s in stock, but the price is $1795. I emailed them, but they h
  13. Listen Nbox, Benelli has a factory at a mansion in Italy. Getting an Benelli M4 is going to be pretty difficult. Not unless your bid for an old m1014 or pay about $1800.00 for one. Or you could possibly get the police model, but most of them have already been bought up. I also heard of people buying the previously used military m1014s from the government. But the bad thing about those are they have problems firing regular shotgun shells. So you should either get on a reserve list and wait about 3-6 months or possibly a year. But it will probably be next year. Or get an
  14. Last I heard, they make less than a 1000 of each gun every so ofton (6-8 months to a year) to the country. And for some guns they make less than 300. Thats what I've heard and read. If I were you, I may look for another gun till the m4 gets readily available. It won't be readily available for some time due to all the pre-orders and others dying to get one. And this one online store I heard had almost 1000 orders for the m4 at one time. But benelli did say that all these orders will be filled by December. So either way, it will be 2006, not unless you want to spend an extra $400-$600 to
  15. Well I just heard that 1-4 m4s were shipped to each dealer this month. But most of them went to those who were on the waiting list. Can you believe there are still those who have been waiting since Oct. 2004 ? But most benelli dealers have atleast 1-9 on the waiting list for the m4. The gun store I always go to sold the one they got probably the first hour they hung it up on the wall. But benelli is known to only send out a limited amount of guns at a time, keep the price high. If I were to say if benelli keeps shipping out, that possibly you could get one MAYBE in December. But prob
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