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Nova Pump Action


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Looks like my expedition this weekend netted me a Benelli Nova Tactical with rifle sights-

The cost was very reasonable when I consider the quality of the gun.

I`ve been able to clean it and go over the owner`s manual thoroughly and am very impressed with the design and construction.

No shooting for a couple of weeks due to work schedule.

I know that my reassembley is 100% correct and I`ve noted that when the trigger is pulled, unless the fore end is supported, that is, grasped in the off hand (as when mounted on your shoulder) after the hammer falls the force of the spring in the bolt causes the bolt to unlock from the barrel.

When the gun is properly mounted on my shoulder I have to pull slightly forward on the fore end with my off hand to unlock it so the action will cycle.

I can tell that the bolt is 100% fully locked up before pulling the trigger because the extractor is turned all the way to the top side of the extractor cut-out in the barrel.


A friend of mine has an older Winchester Model 12 (pre64 I know and it may be pre war) that functions the same way.

Is the idea that this method of operation gives a bit faster cycling of the action since it is very slightly assisted upon opening by the force of the spring in the bolt?


Just curious since I`ve seen some guns that don`t cycle exactly like this, meaning the bolt has no spring behind the bolt head.


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