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  1. DV

    Need Help !

    How about Gun Parts Corp. for parts?
  2. No problems with my Nova tactical after several hundred rounds of slugs and buckshot. Hope to add another Benelli in the future.
  3. X12RS15 Winchester Super X Rifled Slugs Hollow Point 1oz. 12 Gauge 2 3/4" 1600fps These have given me the best accuracy from my Nova smooth bore with rifle sights. Can easily cover a 50 yd group of five rds with a 3"X5" index card (as long as I do my part) I`ve never been inclinced to try saboted slugs since my info shows them as being designed for rifled barrels. [ 11-19-2006, 12:37 PM: Message edited by: DV ]
  4. Seems to make 2 3/4" 1oz. slugs a little bit more bearable- Would guessimate maybe a 10% recoil reduction, I had thought there would be more difference but you may be right, it may be more apparent with a heavier load. I`ve never tried more than a 2 3/4" shell in my Nova Tactical.
  5. You may to try looking on the website Blackhawk has and see if they have a sling you like. I just use a new U.S.G.I. web sling in 1 1/4" swivels on my Nova- only lets me use the sling for carrying but serves my needs.
  6. Slugs won`t hurt a thing-you`ll be perfectly safe.
  7. Try to pull out the narrow end first and see if it will `peel` off- mine fits very tight and took some effort to remove.
  8. I have a recoil reducer in my Nova Tactical and like it- all I shoot are buckshot and 1oz. slugs and it seems to help reduce recoil. Make no mistake, I still know I`m firing 12ga. high brass shells but it is much more bearable than without the reducer.
  9. DV

    recoil reducer

    The reducer I installed in my Nova Tactical turned the recoil from 1oz slugs from a sharp, sudden kick into a slower, heavy push- make no mistake, I can still tell I`m shooting 12 ga slugs but the recoil seems to be softened and much more tolerable. Remember that recoil is subjective- YMMV
  10. I believe you can download a manual from the Benelli website or call and they will send you one. Your shotgun has a plug in the magazine tube which is limiting the number of shells you can put in- if you remove it you should get 4+1 total.
  11. DV

    Nova Pump Action

    Looks like my expedition this weekend netted me a Benelli Nova Tactical with rifle sights- The cost was very reasonable when I consider the quality of the gun. I`ve been able to clean it and go over the owner`s manual thoroughly and am very impressed with the design and construction. No shooting for a couple of weeks due to work schedule. I know that my reassembley is 100% correct and I`ve noted that when the trigger is pulled, unless the fore end is supported, that is, grasped in the off hand (as when mounted on your shoulder) after the hammer falls the force of the spring in the bolt
  12. DV

    Model Features Confusion

    Very definitive answer and greatly appreciated.
  13. DV

    Model Features Confusion

    I appreciate the info that was shared with me- No Benelli dealers in my area stock the Defense series- that means that I`m going to have to prepay 100% to place an order and have no return option on a special order item. So I hope you can understand that I want to be 110% sure about what`s going to be in that long box when it comes. [ 10-24-2005, 05:34 AM: Message edited by: DV ]
  14. DV

    Model Features Confusion

    You can't see the magazine extension?! Yes I can see it, I can also see the fine print in my printed catalog that says"magazine extension sold seperately" So that was what I was asking- which it seems 37G was able to answer- that it is the same shotgun it just has a factory extension added to it. I`m not familiar with Benelli guns so I thought this was the place to ask. I`m not an expert tucker301 so just chill out.
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