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  1. Hi moto Neither of those guns come with the Comfortech system I dont know how much shooting you're going to be doing, but it seems like a lot of people enjoy the recoil reduction from that feature The Benelli website will tell you that the Legacy is about both style and performance, while the Sport II is more of a sporting gun (with the crio chokes, ported barrel) Of course they are both based on the same internals, so I believe its a matter of taste another consideration is the environment you hunt in i settled on a 28in Nova for upland and trap, with a 30 inch barell you might t
  2. Ill follow up on Duckers reply If you use the wrong size/wrong gauge shell, it can get stuck in the forcing cone and explode! A smaller size might slide in too far, and an improper length will expand too much as it is fired and blow your gun apart. Always follow the data stamp on your weapon
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