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  1. lucky you! Getting something free is always a good thing!! How did you pull that off?
  2. I finally got my left handed Benelli ComforTech Gel Pad of 13 1/2" lenght of pull for my sbe II. It was a long wait of about 3 months. I had to get Brownell's to order it for me because i live in Canada. I must say it was worth every second of the wait, it fits me a lot better now then ever. The gun feels so much better and easier on the shoulder without that big chunky recoil pad. I'm 6, 1" tall and didn't like the feel of the originol pad. Great customer service from Brownell's, so for all you Canadien buyers out there looking for that better fit for you new benelli's hit up brownells' for
  3. has anyone had any experience with a winglock or a hayes goose call if so what one did you use? Or has anyone herd anything about these two calls? thanks!
  4. try posting this or having a look around in the forms at shotgunworld.com . I saw some posts about this gun and some one might be able to help you out with the value. I did see that there was a special edition of the a302 called the Super Lusso which in good condition is worth well over 1000$ but the standard which you may have i'm not too sure, keep asking around you'll soon get an answer!
  5. simp-ink


    Winchester supremes 3 1/2" bb or the high velocity 3 1/2" bb for geese and same for ducks except in #2's or even sometimes 3" #2's for ducks if you don't get the drylok version don't drop em' in the water! I also like federal loads as well!
  6. any of you guys fans of the pattern master or wad wizard chokes?
  7. no the outside of the tube.
  8. has anyone ever had the last layer of coating on your choke tube start to peal off near the bottom part of the choke after a few uses? It almost looks like a protective coating.. if not do you think this is a big deal? [ 06-05-2006, 04:46 PM: Message edited by: simp ]
  9. with pumps i find that a right handed gun for a lefty shooter doesn't have any effect on your shooting at all. Pumps you don't need to worry about a right or left handed gun.
  10. Saw this on another site thought was pretty funny, Canadian Bird Flu Prevention!
  11. i put camo clad on my sbeII and let me tell you be prepared to do a lot of cutting. The hardest part was the barrel, getting the tape around the ribs was hard. I didn't put the camo clad on the stock what i did was bought a beartooth max-4 stock guard to match the max-4 camo clad tape i put on. It's looks really sweet but make sure you take you time. It took me about 3 hours to put it on. I also put it on my old winchester 2200 and it looks sweet. I haven't takin it off yet so i have no experience with that but i'm sure it wont be too hard.
  12. Man i wish we could get prices like that here in Canada. I paid just under 2000$ cad fore mine, all in all is was worth every scent!!
  13. simp-ink

    M2 or Cordoba?

    i've shoot tones of 2 3/4 loads through my sbe II and never had any problems, when you buy it just run a couple boxes of 3 1/2" magnums through it and you will have no troubles with the light loads. I love my SBE II!!
  14. I don't think that is a good method putting them on ebay that is..... people who shop on ebay are for the most part shopping there because they are looking for a deal. I think they should take their cost of materials and the man hours that it takes to make something of such simplicity and then take a price into consideration. They look like a great product but i think even 40$ a decoy would work better but even that is still high. [ 05-05-2006, 06:09 PM: Message edited by: simp ]
  15. i agree with tucker. Plus i don't need a free hunt i can hunt for free any day i want not including shell fees. I live in Canada and have many hunting spots including my own land, i will never pay for a hunt and spend a rediculas amount of money on some decoys that will do the same thing as the ones i have now. Calling is a part of the hunting tradition and i will never eliminate it from my hunting experience. I don't know about you but I like to keep it a fair game and stick with tradition. Also if you ever buy a sbe II and use it then you will understand why they charge what they do!
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