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  1. i think the exterma shoots 3 inch and the extrema2 shoots up to 3.5. that may be wrong but that was how i understood it.
  2. they will bother your shoulder. lol. the nova handles the large magnum high velocity with no problem. i think youll find that you will be the one getting used to the 3.5/s. good luck. they are worth it though when you need them, but most situations don't need the power of these shells. i use 3.5's when the birds are stand off-ish. i use the 3" magnums for most ducking.
  3. umm where in canada would a fella find this CLP? here in novascotia where the humidity can be very high and the temps are cold then warm then cold etc. i have yet to find a product that will totally protect a stored firearm. even in my gun safe i find i'm having to wipe the firearms off and getting a rusty film on the rag. i have, and have used every product out there. not this CLP. if i can get it i want to try it . thanks.
  4. Lloyd


    i agree the one shot that you make should be made the best that it can. but if under 100yds are they both about the same. you know apples to apples. im sure that a 1oz slug at over 1000 ft.lbs will kill a deer, as dead as over 2000 ft.lbs would. but is there a difference in the accuracy?
  5. Lloyd


    my buddy and i went to the range and fired a few slugs. we both have novas. used rifled slugs. at 50 yds (marked) we were able to take out the target of just over 1 inch circle ( a bingo dauber on card board). the shots at 50yds were using only the beeds that come on the nova barrell. i went all gung ho to buy a new barrell and then was told that for what i want to do the rifled slug is just as good. so before i spend the money on somthing that i may not need i had to ask. im still undecided but i think that the smooth barrell may just do fine. what'da you think? what are the "right slugs" in
  6. Lloyd


    what would the advantage be to buying a cantilever slug barrel over using rifled slugs in a regular smooth barrel? i was looking at buying a cantilever for this deer season but nothing that i thinking of hunting would be more than 100yds away. the new barrel is almost $400.00 here in canada and i don't know if i need it. thanks.
  7. Lloyd

    slug barrel

    so here on the east coast of Canada its kind of hard to find a good gun dealer. i want a slug barrel (cantilever) for my nova. any suggestions? thanks
  8. well my nova isn't a year old yet. gotta be close to 3000 rounds through her. not a single problem yet. most rounds have been at the skeet, trap and sporting clays. i have fired the 3.5's high vel through her and there is a **** of a kick. the gun has been frozen, soaked, shot until smokin and there has never been one problem. go with the new super nova and you will look back and laugh at the thought of another pump in years (many) to come. my gun is a matt black with camo-clad added to the barrell, the fore end and the top of the stock. it will be used for all my hunting needs and i use i
  9. couldn't agree more mudhen. more streamlined ? the nova is a very beautiful firearm with a very distinctive look why would you buy one to change it? did you maybe word the question a Little off. what is it that you want the end result to look like? the fore-end/pump of the nova has got to be one of the best feeling sure grip pieces that I've ever used. theres nothing wrong with any other make or the nova. but why would you buy something so unique to change it? its not a motor bike or a car that you can make into a show piece (read extension of male appendage) so again what would the end result
  10. there's something wrong for sure. its not the shells. my nova throughs whatever is put in it, usually the cheapest shot i can find for skeet. i agree with sending it to them or just having them send you a new one. the squeaky wheel gets a new gun. good luck.
  11. i just bought 3 rolls of max-4 camo clad for my benelli nova. once i get her done i'll post pics and let you know how it went. but the rolls havent been shipped yet so it will be a couple of weeks at least.
  12. Lloyd

    Nova Forend

    just finished putting through 100 rounds at the skeet club. no real difference in the feel of the gun. it does take some of the rattle out of it. it feels the same as before, which is good.
  13. Lloyd

    Nova Forend

    i tried tightening mine today. going shooting on sunday. I'll post if it makes any noticeable difference.
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