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  1. I tightened mine, and then I took it out for pheasants and rabbits. It didn't really make any difference, but it's kinda nice to have them tight. the shake never bothered me before.
  2. I know the shake doesn't matter, but other people on this forum have said that with just a little tightening you can stop it. Thanks for your feedback.
  3. bookester

    Nova Forend

    does anyone know the size of allen wrench that is needed to tighten up the action bars to remove the shake from my nova forend? thanks
  4. Nova and M1 chokes should be interchangeable, it's just the guns with criochokes and extended criochokes that aren't
  5. The Pad on the ComforTech SuperNova looks like the one on the non-comfortech SBE II, not the comfortech pad. Is it?
  6. The MSRP between the old and new is only 100 different. They won't sell for 455. besides, the if it has the criochokes and comfortech, it's probably worth it. to upgrade a nova to a recoil reducer bracket and mercury capsule is 60 bucks, and a new recoil pad is at least 40. If you don't already have a nova, with the features its got, it's actually a pretty good deal for new pump buyers.
  7. I don't want to put anyone down, but all I can say is that the website, at least in my eyes, made it quite clear, so if you feel cheated, don't just go laying fault where it doesn't belong.
  8. I don't post a lot because I don't know a lot, but even I could find the "for SBE II and M2 models only" listed under the criochokes and the "Extended CrioChoke fit Sport II and SuperSport models only" listed under extended criochokes, and its all right there on benelli's website. Benelli USA - Accessories
  9. I have to agree with War Wagon. I have a claw contour on my nova and I love it. Also, it comes with hush stalker II swivels. It's 20 buck from cabelas with everything.
  10. they bought benelli in 1997, and franchi came along with that, and then they bought sako and tikka in 2000, and burris in 2002
  11. Do you still have this pad, because I tried emailing you about it a while ago. I'd like one, but I don't know what you would consider a fair price, let me know.
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