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  1. MattL

    Limbsaver Pad

    Just tested out the SVL Limbsaver slip-on (medium)...SBE II w/steadygrip, rhino 0.660 choke...as we all know, original equipment pad is pretty stiff...the SVL made a considerable difference...could've shot 3 1/2's all day....
  2. What a *******...If that clown let one of my guns go like that, he'd own it...
  3. MattL

    SBE II Swivels?

    My attempt was with 1" for sure because the steady grip stock has the tactical euro -style side mount slit for a 1"belt... The only thing I'm not sure about is if they were "Hush II" vs some earlier run...when install, looked just like Mudhen's but rubbed when the swivel would rotate...
  4. MattL

    SBE II Swivels?

    that's strange...I tried out what I thought were the Hush II's at the local shop...was able to attach but rubbed as the swivel rotated...was there any earlier version of the Hush that was a bit bigger?...
  5. Didn't see any grease at all so I left mine together for the virgin shootfest...just ran a light coating of Pro-Shot 1-step combo cleaner/lube...seemed like it did good job taking the "new gun" kinks out of the trigger action; evaporated without making things sloppy...
  6. MattL

    SBE II Swivels?

    the plastics are a little to big; the TOCs and Uncle Mike's metal swivels fit but damage the cap finish on SBRE II...I corrected the problem with an electric tape wrap on the TOC...doesn't look too bad.
  7. MattL

    Grizzly man

    ...rented the DVD with no expectations (other than some positive reviews)....completely blew me away...the guy was a freakin' closet case...like a gay hairdresser that missed his bus back to san fran...ended up wandering around in denali...left me speechless...favorite parts were many but particularly enjoyed the old timer's comment surmising that the bear 's left him alone thinking he might be "retarded or mentally ill"... well worth renting on DVD so you don't get the large number of commercials and edits..
  8. MattL

    Benelli Practical

    Unbelievably cool....don't know much about this guy...what the h' is that front-end...a flash suppressor / brake?, a choke?....is it integral to the barrel?... my, my...very nice beast. ps...new poster question...re: UBB image posting...how do you (or can you) post pics resident on your hard drive using the site's UBB codes, or do I have to upload the pics to a URL somewhere?....tks
  9. I'm sure they will...never been burned buying on the wires... ...really too bad...nice pad...guessing it only works with the non-comfortech stock...hope they come up with a plug-in version for the steady grip... don't know what you have, but recall you might be looking for one...lemme know..happy to ship it your way as send it back to SVL....believe my cost was around ~$45 but they gave me someone else's invoice, so I'll need to confirm on Monday....
  10. Problem confirmed...SVL Limbsaver recoil pad #10402, advertised for the SBE II / Nova, IS NOT compatible with the SBE II Steady Grip stock...They will need to come up with a self-seating (gasketed) plug-in version.
  11. Well...the SBEII pad came in the mail today....installation is not obvious...comes with two large (~#10, 1") self-tapping screws, a plastic adapter plate and no instructions...best I can tell, the pad only plays with the conventional SBE II stock, not the steady grip...i.e., looks like you're supposed to run the screws through very undersized clearance holes in the pad / base to tap into the adapter stacked on the original synthetic stock pad mount...expect to confirm tomorow AM, but at this point, looks like the Limbsaver pre-fit is not compatible with steady grip stock...Anybody have any exp
  12. Thanks for the info...too bad they had to make it a pain in the butt...I assume the stock can be removed via the retainer nut behind the pad...guess I will find out soon enough.
  13. ...and lets not forget the Ghillie style nipple paisties...(sort of a Tom-like double beard look)
  14. Hate to admit it but I'm hung up on the last step of stripping procedure. Gun is new / not yet fired...wanted to fully clean components to clear factory corrosion preventatives. Got to the last step with ease...removed the retention pin per the manual, depressed the ejector button to pull the trigger guard assy forward...won't budge a micron...yanked, pulled and cursed...nottin'....stopped short of taking out the tool box to dig out a pry bar... anybody out there have experience with this procedure on a new gun?...Is the recv'r housing just too tight to let go?...is the manual "forge
  15. ...and don't need to know how you came to be acquainted with that site... scarred by the mental imagery of your avatar sporting a pair of those skivies for life....
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