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M2 20 gauge carrier latch issue


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I have a new M2 in 20 gauge, and it is a fabulous gun in every respect. I am very familiar with this gun from the get-go because I have had an M1 for 12 hard seasons of use, and the basic functionality is quite similar. The carrier releases on Benelli autos are a bit stiff by design, but...


With the new M2 I absolutely cannot release shells in the magazine by pushing on the carrier latch with my finger in the normal fashion as designed by Benelli. I went back to the dealer and the gunsmith there confimed the difficulty on my gun, and then we checked another new M2 (20 gauge) in the rack and found the same stiffness--that is, too stiff to release a shell from the magazine.


Anyone out there with a new M2 (or one with some use on it) experiencing similar problems? Thanks!

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Although Benelli shows this is a method of unloading the magazine in their literature, most users find it difficult to impossible.


It helps to push the shell forward into the magazine to relieve some spring tension, but it's still cumbersome.


Most use the magazine bypass button on the trigger guard to pop a shell onto the carrier, then cycle the bolt by hand.

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Thanks, Tucker301, appreciate the response-- My response to that is WOW! How could Benelli have done that? Not being able to unload directly from the magazine, as was easy to do with the M1's-- an arguement could be made that therein is a safety issue. That means that each and every shell that is loaded into the magazine has to be cycled through the chamber on the way out of the gun.


That is the way that I often do choose to unload, especially when it's cold and icy, but to not be able to work the shotgun as it is designed to do-- that's hard to swallow! Any other stories out there? 12 or 20 gauge M2's?

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Additional note: I started a poll in the Benelli forum about this issue-- for 12 and 20 gauge M2s... perhaps there is a reason for this issue of difficult extraction using the finger method... and maybe a solution!


Yes, as Tucker301 mentioned, one can extract the shells if you back-push the shells against the mag spring, which hints that spring pressure is part of the issue. But that's not a solution, of course.


The bottom line is that Benelli M2 owners should be able to extract shells from the magazine without cycling them through the action!

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