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:confused: I just bought a new camo print NOVA i love it!!! only question is... i bought it at GI JOES and it didn't come with a owners manual and I dont know if i can shoot slugs with the modified choke. Web site for benelli says cylinder recommended guy at GI JOES says modified "is what everyone uses" and my personal gun smith is elk hunting... can i use the modified for slugs without trouble or do i need the cylinder choke? if i need the cylinder how and where do i get it?
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Well if you really bought it new then you got took, begging your pardon. All Novas come with a box manual and parts list and 3 chokes. 1 in the bbl, 2 in the box. Id go back and raise ****. Should come with a full, mod and imp cyl. Actually you should use a IC or Cyl for rifled slugs. I found better performance with IC. Modified is getting in the range of too tight and depending on how many you shoot may mean a stuck choke tube. Also if youre gonna shoot slugs in it Id suggest investing in a Hoppes Tornado brush to remove the lead. It wont hurt the bore. Besides that read the box your ammo comes in. Most manufacturers suggest using a IC choke.

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You can call Benelli customer service 301-283-6981. They will assist you with getting a manual and the 2 other choke tubes. You will need your serial number upon calling. You could also have Benelli check out your serial number to see if infact your gun is brand new. But, I would certainly call the dealer you bought the gun from to ask them what happened to the ones that were supposed to be in the box when purchased as new.

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