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  1. You may want to call Mann & Sons to see what they can do for you. They may be able to beat that price - 618-357-2911. Not sure if you know this or not but when you buy this barrel, you are also getting the complete bolt assembly to fit with that. Anyway, If you bought the item through a local Cabela's by picking it up you should not have to pay any shipping fees, Benelli covers shipping fees to the dealers. I don't think this is a "specail order" item as it's listed in the catalog, maybe just because they don't normally keep this in stock - not sure.
  2. BenelliGirl

    9mm B76 pistol

    You can contact Larry's guns for pistol stuff. 207-772-0998 He is the importer for the pistols
  3. Check out the info posted for the Super sport under Firearms... The Benelli SuperSport is the ultimate “speed gun” for sporting clays. Now this is the info on the new Cordoba from the same website... Inspired by the high volume dove shooting found around Cordoba, Argentina, Benelli engineers designed the Cordoba as a lighting fast hunting gun with all the advanced features of a serious sporting clays shotgun. This is probably what you want if you want a gun like the SS that does everything. Check out the infor for yourself... http://www.benelliusa.com/firear
  4. The weight of the Nova has been at just under 8lbs since manufactured as far as I know. Varrying weights just depends on the barrel & options
  5. I'm sorry Mudhen! Lack of sleep can sometimes screw up the way things are perceived. Not sure what the part number would be. [ 03-22-2005, 03:58 PM: Message edited by: BenelliGirl ]
  6. Just making my experience known.
  7. I've shot the SBE II and have no problem with the recoil. I think its a fine gun! 5'5 130lbs hmmmm! A new choke tube wrench would be warrantied out to you if you would simply pick up the phone and call them with your serial number and address. I don't think they have wronged you in one bit, if you read through these threads you would see that like the saftey issue and the butt pad issue, Benelli has made every effort to correct the problem of the choke wrench as well and get the consumers the corrected product. Remember the Benelli items come from the factory in Italy as they send th
  8. http://www.benelliusa.com/gear/benelli.tpl?cart=111097906023804252 Benelli Gear website - scrolll to the bottom for the slings
  9. Do a search on the threads I believe there is an entire thread on this.
  10. Your barrels will interchange just make sure you use the forend that goes with the barrel.
  11. You can contact benelli through [email protected]com or go to "contacts" on the website to get your state rep.
  12. The Supersport is not offered in the left hand but the SBE II and the M2 are. If you can not find them available at the store then you may need to ask your dealer to place one on order for you. If you have already bought your gun and are looking for the pad, you can try Mann & Sons to see what cost they would give you on the pad. 618-357-2911 - could be worth it
  13. This is not true. Benelli lists the left and right hand pads at the same cost.
  14. Your Improved Cylinder choke will give you the best pattern with the slugs.
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