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SBEII case doesn't fit


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My factory case doesn't fit my SBEII worth a darn. The trigger guard is really tight, the chokes are too long for the holder, and the choke wrench doesn't fit anywhere either. I just wanted to make sure that I got the right case. It seems that Benelli upgraded the gun but forgot about the case. Is anyone else experiencing this?


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It came in the breakdown case in an unopened cardboard box that I saw him cut the tape on. All the acc. fit in the box, but not in the designated places designed for them. My friends SBE fits great and the shorter chokes fit, the wrench fits too, but they are all different from my SBEII

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The chokes stick up a good bit and make it harder to shut the lid.


IMHO, the case that comes with the gun is sort of cheesy, and I don't know a single person who breaks down their gun and puts it back together every time they go use it. If you hunt, look into a floating case...cheap insurance.

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