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Surefire lights


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I'm going to guess no due to the gas system under the barrel.

I'm in the market for a mounted weapon light for my M4 as well. Surefire is supposed to release a railed forend sometime soon for the M4 called the M80.

I currently have a Sidearmor mount on my M4, I'm thinking about mounting a light to it and using a tape switch for the activator. I also have a laser, so routing everything neatly is a PITA.

I have a newer mount then shown for the laser. It takes up nearly the entire right hand rail.



This is the new mount I built.




I honestly don't know how I am going to mount mine. Running 2 tape switches on a shotgun is tricky. Right now I have the laser activator under my support hand thumb. I'm leaning towards mounting the light switch under my pointer, middle and ring finger. I'm not real thrilled with this setup though. If I could get a long enough tape switch, I'd run the laser activator all the way to the rear pistol grip and use my ringer, middle and pointer finger on that hand. Similar to the way Crimson Trace grips are. I'd need a 2 foot long tape switch though....

I'd then put the light tape switch under my thumb on my support arm.


My other idea is to wait around for the Surefire railed forend. Then buy a vertical forward pistol grip. Run the laser tape switch to the vertical grip. Then Mount a Surefire light with a momentary preasure button off to the side so I can activate it with my support thumb.

My only concern with this layout is how I will like the Benelli with a vertical grip, and when will Surefire get around to releasing this rail. This type of setup would allow me to use the new Gladius light.


I hate the lights that clam to the barrel/magazine tube. You'd have to remove it every time you disassembled the weapon to clean it.


I'm leaning towards the vertical pistol grip plan. Technically, you could build with one of those vertical pistol grips with the light in it. Wouldn't work in my situation though. You'd need the Surefire rail too.


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