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New SBE 2 magizine problems


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I shot my new SBE2 today for the first time. I was shooting kent 1 1/4oz@ 1625fps BB's and 2's. I installed a sure cycle magizine kit before shooting as I figure stainless steel is more rust resistant than carbon steel. I would put 2 shells in and a third of the time the second shell would get stuck about 1/4 of an inch from coming all the way out of the magizine. So I change the follower back to the factory and same prob. I change out the mag spring back to factory and same prob but they would get stuck about 3/4 to 1 inch in the magizine. Before I shot it I completly disassembled, cleaned and lightly oiled the bolt and magizine but did not touch the assembly inside the recoil pad. I put 50 shells through it today. any ideas what the problem could be? I also made sure barrel was tight against the reciever.




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Update: If I press the cocked indicator button the new shell shoots on to the carrier w/o a hitch. So I think the carrier is trying to go up before the liveshell is completely out of the magazine. Is this something that will have to back to benelli, get better with shooting, or be fixed with a different shell? I have not tried a shorter shell yet.

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I had the same problem with my m2. The second shell would get stuck on the way up. I would then only have to touch the bolt and it would slide right in. I sent it back to benelli twice. They would take it apart, inspect all the components and reasemble and test fire. They never had a problem with cycling at the factory.


The second time back to benelli I was placed into contact with the gunsmith and he said it looked fine and stated it may be the shells I was using.


I was using the Estate brand which he said can be a dirty shell. I have read on this forum of people using the Estate's without any problems. He suggested Winchester AA the same as he fired with at least 3 drams.


After the gun was returned I took it out and using the AA shells I cycled over 100 rounds without a problem. Before it would jam nearly everytime.


Maybe try a different shell before you surrender your firearm for 6 weeks.



Good luck.

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