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Left Handed SBE or wait for SBEII?


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I'm in the market for a left handed semi auto 12 gauge. So far Benelli is the only left handed shotguns I've found.


I went to my local dealer today and they just happened to have an all black SBE for $1099. I liked it, but didn't want the 28" barrel, I'd rather have a 26", but it isn't that big of a deal.


Anyway, the guy told me that left handed models were extremely hard to find, and that this was especially true with the camo models and the new SBEII.


I will be calling some dealers within 50 miles or so to see what they've got on hand.


Couple questions:

Is the $1099 reasonable for a SBE?

For deer to duck (more duck and geese than anything), is the SBE a good shotgun?

If a SBEII could be found, is it worth the extra price?



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I believe you have been offered a fair deal on an sbe 1. I have owned an sbe 1 for 3 years and am pleased with its performance. The ease in tear-down and cleaning is important. If you are not interested in using 3.5 inch shells, you might look into the m1 or m2. The sbe2 is probably an excellent gun so the choice between the two is more than likely personal.

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I must have e-mailed 25-30 gun shops with no luck.

Great Guns in Kearney Mo.

Phone# 816-628-6431


They had 3 LEFT HAND SBE II's max 4 camo 28" barrel

1300.00 plus 25.00 to ship to my ffl


they were great folks to deal with, i had my gun in 3 days.


I hope this helps some of you guys that are looking for one as bad as I was .

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