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New owner of the M1014, advice please!(kinda long)


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Hi everybody! I've been around here for awhile but this is my first time posting. Nice to meet you all! :D


Not only is this my first shotgun, but it is my first firearm as well. I've been interested in picking this bad boy up for a long time and I finally managed to save up the money for it. At the moment I am suffering through CA's imposed 10 day waiting period, but I'll be able to finally pick it up on Monday.


Seeing as how this is my first, and how everybody here seems very knowledgeable, here are some obvious newbie questions. I want to treat it as well as possible, and I always want it to be in as perfect shape as possible so it will be there for me. I will definitely take great pride in owning it. This will probably be kinda long, but please bear with me..... I will greatly appreciate any help that can be offered.


1. When I went to my local FFL holder to see it, it was new in the box. It was about halfway assembled, and the entire thing was covered in grease. I've heard that it is a great idea to give a new firearm a good cleaning/oiling. What should I use to clean all the grease from the external surface of the gun?


2. Should the gun be disassembled and fully cleaned? I would guess that it should be. With this gun, which parts should be cleaned? Which parts should be oiled? None of this was really covered in the Benelli manual.


3. I just asked which parts of the gun need to be cleaned and which need to be oiled.. so how often should I do each?


4. When it comes time to assemble the gun I will follow the manual as closely as I can to try to prevent any potential problems. Are there any extra things concerning assembly/disassembly that I should know that were not mentioned in the manual?


5. What types of cleaning products will I need, and what would you recommend? I've heard a Bore Snake is a must buy, as is Breakfree CLP(I forgot, does this stuff serve as a lubricant on top of being a cleaning agent?). Your opinions? What other items would I need besides these, if any?


6. I was interested in adding a sidesaddle, probably a TacStar. I've also seen ones that kinda velcro themselves on instead of bolting down. Would the bolting down type be preferable? It is kinda hard for me to say. I also hear you should use something called LocTite to help keep the connection firm, and lightly oil the backside part of the sidesaddle that comes into contact with the gun. Is this sound advice?


7. What sort of gun case/range bag would be a good choice for this gun? I have no doubt there are all sorts of them around. I am looking for a nice one that will hold a pistol-gripped shotgun like this, while being reliable and able to keep it safe from the elements.


8. Any specific ammunition loads you would recommend? I imagine I will purchase many various types and brands to give them all a try.


9. Does Benelli offer actual full size magazine tube replacements, as opposed to a screw-on magazine extension? If they don't right now, will they be offering this in the future? I am aware that it would be illegal to install either of these at the moment, while keeping the pistol grip attached. I just want to be prepared for 9/13 assuming that the "assault weapons" ban ends.


10. Here is one of those fun legal questions that we all love.. especially geared toward those who know California law. Assuming that the federal "assault weapons" ban expires on 9/13, I know that as long as your state has no laws preventing this, you may keep the pistol grip while bringing the gun to its full magazine capacity, as well as install the standard telescoping stock. The problem with California is that it has its own "assault weapon" ban. It would be legal to have the pistol grip while upgrading the magazine capacity, but you could not install the telescoping stock legally because in CA, a semiautomatic shotgun with a pistol grip and a telescoping or folding stock is considered to be an "assault weapon." My question is, living in CA, would I be able to just simply purchase the telescoping stock, but not install it? After all, the stock in and of itself should not be an illegal item, right? It only becomes illegal upon installing it on the shotgun. I was unable to find anything in CA law that would prevent me from doing this, but please let me know if I am wrong. I ask this because I would like to have it available so I could install it upon leaving the state(with it being legal in said state of course), without worrying about purchasing it sometime in the future.


Thank you once again for any help! Sorry for the length but I figured I'd better make my first post a good one! :cool: Talk to you all soon.

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Welcome new owner.


My answers to your questions (other people will have differing opinions smile.gif ):


1) Yes. Clean everything you can when you field strip the gun.


2) I only went as far as field stripping the gun. See the thread SBEII Clean & Lube Procedures should help with your cleaning and oiling question #2.


3) I field strip the gun each time I shoot the gun. I clean all parts and re-oil with a layer of oil. I add a drop or two the rails that the bolt assembly slides in on the receiver.


4) I do not know the M1014 model, if you are having problems removing the bolt handle, use an old pair of shoe strings. Wrap around the base of the bolt handle and pull.


5) I use M-Pro 7 cleaner and FP-10 for oil. I use Birchwood Choke Tube Lube on the threads of the choke tube. You can search google and find websites that sell these products.


I recently purchased briley's chamber brush to help clean the chamber and the stubborn carbon fowling in the choke tube.


I purchased Slip2000 Choke Tube Cleaner to help me reduce the amount of time I spend cleaning the gun. While the choke tube sits in the solution, I am busy cleaning other parts of the gun.


I prefer an all brass-cleaning rod to avoid damage to the barrel. I have one for many years and I believe you can still get them today.


6) I have no experience with sidesaddles.


7) Kolpin. I like the padded flat barrel end so I can store the gun barrel down to keep oil from settling in the receiver.


8) For shot shells, I prefer Winchester over Federal (smokey & dirty) and Remington (not sure why shot shells look like tracers at the indoor shooting range).


9) To my knowledge, you can only order magazine extensions. No replacement magazine tubes that is longer than the original magazine tube.


10) I see no reason why you could not purchase it as long as you do not install the telescoping stock.


Enjoy your new gun.


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threeshot has some excellent,well proven answers,maintinence is the key to firearm reliability,knowing your firearm is a practice,practice,take action kind of thing,accessories,and modifiations is a practical hands on research,trial and error,-----------------------------M1014-------- :cool:

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068553.jpg 126672.jpg ------------No shoestrings,rotate and pull the bolt handle,side saddle -up to you,same with mag extension,read and use your manual,---------great gun choice,you won't be dissappointed*****M1014


[ 08-13-2004, 04:41 PM: Message edited by: M1014 ]

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I just did a google search, and found these forums basically in search of answers to many of the topic posters questions. Great set of forums here, lots of really good info from alot of different posters!


I also just purchased one of the American flag etched 1014's and I just got to go out and try it today. Somthing that scared me a bit was the weapons operation few the first few sets of shells. The gun was not ejecting the cartriges and if it did, I still had to cok(spell catcher) the weapon again to fire. After going through 12-18 rounds this way I put the weapon down and went to my 1911 for awhile. After a bit I decided to look at the 1014 again, and the weapon magically started working out of the blue. I got to fire through three boxes of shells, and really try out my ney toy. The gun was field stripped during the first six rounds, and had malfunctions both before and after, so I dont think it was incorectly assembled, it was also lubed before firing.


So I guess another question beyond the posters, has anybody else had an experience like this with their 1014? Almost like a break in period, that the weapon functioned incorectly? Or is this somthing that I should look further into? I was thinking the dual gas operations needed a bit of a breakin, but am definetly not sure.


Thanks alot!



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Thanks for the responses everybody! More ideas and opinions are always welcome.


Threeshot, thanks for the advice, sounds great to me! I'll do my best to keep it all in mind. This is a new area for me and I'm swarmed with so many possibilities that it can be hard to know what to do until personal experience is gained.


I went to my local gun store/range today and I saw some of that M-Pro 7 cleaner, so I'll probably pick it up and give it a try on Monday. I wasn't sure about the oil though, so I'll have to take a harder look. They had Bore Snakes too. Definitely gonna break the whole thing down and try to clean and oil it before using it. I'm a little nervous about the whole thing, combined with reassembly, I really want it to work out properly, but I guess everything will be fine. Will try some paper towels or a rag and a little bit of water to get rid of all the grease on the exterior.


M1014, thank you for your encouraging input. I've seen pics that you have posted here and in other threads, your collection is certainly one to be envied.. ;)


Oracle, welcome and congratulations on your purchase as well. I'd be interested to see what others have to say about this matter as well. I definitely don't know much about this, but that certainly does seem like it might have been sorta a "break in period," considering that it was brand new. I'd keep trying it out and if the issues continue, check out the FAQs, etc, and contact Benelli.


I wonder if I will have a similar experience when I finally get mine and bring it to the range. I'll let you guys know how it goes!


I spoke with one of the employees at the store when I was there and he seems to be very excited since he has heard of the M1014 but never actually seen one in person, and he really wants me to bring it in!


Something he said to me seemed a bit strange, though. We got to the topic of the choice of shotshells, and he asked what type of choke this gun has. I told him that I believe it comes with a modified choke(this is correct, right?). He said that with a modified choke, I'd better stay away from stuff like 00 Buck and rifled slugs. This was confusing to me because I had thought the M1014 would be ready to handle these loads, and much more, right out of the box. So I then asked him "in that case, which choke would you want in order to fire these?" He responded with "standard choke." This further confused me because I didn't know there was such a type of choke. I've heard of Cylinder, Improved Cylinder, Modified, Improved Modified, and Full, but not "Standard." Was I receiving inaccurate information from him?


I guess I'll be checking out other places too for information/items of interest, in preparation for Monday. Thanks again! smile.gif

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Will try some paper towels or a rag and a little bit of water to get rid of all the grease on the exterior.

I would never use water and rags/paper towels to clean the metal of my gun unless I just dropped it in mud. Even after doing so to remove the mud, I would begin using the M-Pro 7 to clean the gun followed by oiling the gun.


By the way, Shooter Choice FP-10 is licensed to use FP-10. FP-10 and Shooter's Choice FP-10 ....The "FAQ's"


Tom Knapp of course recommends the Benelli oil that comes with the gun, but more importantly, he gives his reasons for avoiding certain oils in the thread super gets stuck .


In your case, you want to remove the heavy factory oil and replace it with the gun oil you plan to use. Do not use water to clean the gun.


Here some links to purchase gun stuff:

There are other websites, but these are a good start.


Something he said to me seemed a bit strange, though. We got to the topic of the choice of shotshells, and he asked what type of choke this gun has. I told him that I believe it comes with a modified choke(this is correct, right?). He said that with a modified choke, I'd better stay away from stuff like 00 Buck and rifled slugs.
I have no idea what he meant by standard choke.


Did your M1014 come with a manual?


The manual on my SBEII describes how you can tell which choke is in the gun without removing it and for the chokes that are not in the gun.


For example on the SBEII:

  • Full----------------- - 1 Notch or * on the side.
  • Improved Modified - 2 Notches or ** on the side.
  • Modified----------- - 3 Notches or *** on the side.
  • Improved Cylinder - 4 Notches or **** on the side.
  • Skeet-------------- - 5 Notches or ***** on the side.

The SBEII manual has the Cylinder listed as Skeet, however if you look at the choke tube with 5 notches or stars, it is marked "CL" for Cylinder.


Check out the Benelli FAQ which will answer the question regarding which choke to use for slugs. No mention of what is the tightest choke you can use with OO Buck shot for any Benelli models. :confused: While you are on Benelli's website, check out the Troubleshooting section.


Since I do not own the M1014, I cannot answer the other questions on this model.


Have fun on Monday at the range!

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The man who gave you the info on the M1014 is incorrect ,everthing he said is opposite of his info to you.I've never had a malfunction on the two M1014s that I've shot,or heard until now, about any,,the weapon handles and fires great,it can take lite, heavy, loads,anything,The M1014 is a very high grade weapon ,theres no fooling around with replacing anything,springs ,ejectors etc.I breakin my Benellis with Magnum loads to assure full cycling,then go too other loads,Bennelli has a minimum load breakin requirement too.I'm sure you will have fun at the range,threeshot would make a great M1014 owner************peace my Benelli brothers M1014 ;)

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Hmm.. some interesting and educational reading here guys!


Threeshot, thanks for stopping me before I did something like that.. tongue.gif Gotcha, no water, even to clean the externals. Those are helpful links, by the way.


Threeshot and M1014, you are both right, that guy certainly wasn't the proper person to ask these questions to.. does not have much experience with Benellis, and definitely not with this gun in particular.


This is true, my manual has the same page describing chokes. Unfortunately I haven't taken a look at them on the actual gun itself so I don't know. I am sure M1014 knows. I said Modified Choke because I clicked on the M1014 Limited Edition specs here on the Benelli website and it says "MOD" on the choke type, but who knows, perhaps it really isn't. Judging from how M1014 says it handles anything, and how I have heard the same from other people as well(guy at the police equipment store I went to yesterday said this gun has a fixed Improved Cylinder), I am certain there is nothing left to worry about in this area. I'll try to start with some heavier loads.. I have a box of slugs and 00 Buck Tactical already sitting at my place so I guess those will be involved somewhere in the time I'm at the range.


Yesterday I went on a miniature shopping trip for some gun goodies! :D I am certain I don't have everything I need yet but it seems to be a good start. I picked up a bottle of the M-Pro 7. I couldn't find any FP-10 anywhere I looked, unfortunately. So with the recommendation of others at the store, I bought something called Microlon Gun Juice. It seems to be a unique type of lubricant. It's this odd blue liquid that apparently is not oil, but a metal treatment product that penetrates the metal pores with a thin, dry-film lubricant. Of course, there is also the oil that comes with the gun too, so I am not worried. Along with a few other odds and ends, I got a Hoppe's Silicone Cloth to clean and polish the gun surface.


Thanks guys! Today I get to celebrate my little sister's birthday and tomorrow it will FEEL like my birthday! ;) Talk to you soon.

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