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New SBE2


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Well I just bought a SBE2, my brother has a SBE and the first time I saw him take it apart to clean I ordered one ( of course after I tryed his out ). I own 4 other shot guns and usually shoot a Browning Autoloader for my main one, but the Benelli has now moved to main shotgun status. I was worried about it and light loads at first after reading some of the posts on here, even though my brothers has shot them no problem out of the box. We pass alot of time shooting clays been 2 cases every Sat. lately, and to keep the cost down use the cheapest shells we can get, usually Winchester Universals from Wal-Mart, or Remington Gun Club loads. 7.5's and 8's.


Well let's get to test day, out of the box 2-3/4 Dram 1-1/8oz loads 8 boxes no problem at all, shoulders perfect for me out of the box also, no matter how fast I bring it up or what angle I'm at it's there. I could not miss today, best day I ever shot, I was expecting a few misses at first after a week of bird hunting with steel and new gun and all. When we shoot clays, we use hand throwers, we have 2 singles and a double, and the guy throwing try's to make the shooter miss, no nice throws or waiting to reload and sometimes 3 go out when you call 1, usual stance calls for a shell in your mouth :D .


Anyway sorry to carry on in my first post, but today was a blast, no pun intended. So far so good for me, Mon. going out for some Geese in the morning, and likely a few Huns in the afternoon. Can't wait to try it out on some live game and 3" shells.


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Originally posted by tucker301:

And if you need any help with the cleaning, click here.

Allready have that downloaded ;) thanks for the good info . If a guy removed the plug, that would take the fun out of it. :D


Under normal usage, how often do you clean the recoil spring assembly?


A group that comes up from Minnesota were with us last week, I'll try to get them to e-mail me the pics of us and our 100 birds we shot that day and post them up. ( after reading some other posts, I'll add that the group was well within it's limit, that was a total of ducks, geese, and huns. We were in fact checked that day. )


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