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M1 Super90 Tactical help please..--------thank you


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Hello, bought a m1 super90 tactical some time ago, very impressed, etc....wanted to get a M4, but heard FAR too many horror stories about its reliability, but of course i have no personal confirmation of this.


question being, should the recoil unit/parts in the buttstock , should one have a SPARE set of all/any of these parts? do any of you know of how long the life on these are or have you personally worn them out yourself?


also, correct my error, but this gun will short stroke on , for example 00BUCK "light" loads , remington , etc........? There is little mention of this in the manual.


much thanks for a response :D

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talk about horror stories,,,,,,,Idon't have any,,,,,,,,,,all my Benellis are well taken care of,,,,,,,,,,the smart move is to clean and oil after every outing,top to bottom,inside and out,I take care of my Benelli like a mother with her baby--------------- ;) M1014 :cool:

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I hear you on the M4. I'm still waiting on Benelli to finish the time consuming task of look at the shattered gas piston I sent them, then stick a new one in an envelope and mail it back to me.

Supposidly mine is a fluke. If it does it again, I'm demanding a new weapon from them.

If that one breaks, I'm demanding a full refund, and taking my money elsewhere.


In theory, you should only need to clean and oil your shotgun. It is possible your M1 will short stroke on light loads since it is enertia driven. Another reason I went for the M4.

The Benelli M121 old school I have has ate 10's of thousands of rounds with no major problems except one time the seal brazing on the barrel broke loose.

Other then that, has ran like a champ.


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