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Confortech R1 in Canada


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Hi, I'm very interested in the Confortech R1.


Local dealers here have the R1, but not the Confortech. According to them, it will only be available in Canada in 2007 which is ridiculous as I can name a lot of people interested in buying this rifle instead of the BAR LW Stalker. Is there any truth to this?


Also, what MOA can one expect from the R1 (in both version).




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I bought the Rifle from the Buffalo Gun Center.Inc. (716)-833-2581. (Paid 1199.0 U.S.) They told me what to do to import the rifle. I downloaded the form CAFC 998 from www.cfc-cafc.gc.ca. I then faxed the CAFC the form and the next morning they faxed me back the registration number. Then the Gun Center delivered the gun to customs with me and I paid taxes on the purchase. I now have 30 days for it to be "verified" by someone in my area working for CAFC. After that they will issue me a permanent registration certificate. In your case the gun could probably be shipped and held in a bonded customs area. The CAFC help line are able to give you assistance on how to do this. They also will help you fill out the form if you call them once you have the form in your hands. I have shot about 60 rounds out of the rifle and it is great. Hardly any kick also! Going moose hunting tomorrow.

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Reply to self:


Got news from Stoeger Canada again:


The R1 with comfortech stock will be available in 300 win mag and 30-06

only. We expect delivery into Canada will be approx June/July 2006.


Thank you for your interest in Benelli.


Best regards,


Stoeger Canada

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