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  1. Chronos

    New Calibers

    +1 for 6.8 SPC and 7mm WSM
  2. I'm planning on getting myself a Sako 75 later this year. Perhaps in 7mm WSM
  3. Or perhaps they read theses posts and would rather not loose future customers like myself. I'm happy you got the support you needed, good luck!
  4. Chronos

    R1 in .308

    Thanks DreamHuntz, that's encouraging!
  5. Chronos

    R1 in .308

    Tucker is a good reference here from the posts I've seen. Him parting from the R1 says a lot about the rifle. It's kinda discouraging, but perhaps when I get mine I will find no problems with it.
  6. Chronos

    R1 in .308

    Tucker, how does the BAR shoot compared to the R1? What caliber did you get?
  7. Chronos

    R1 in .308

    So everyone is selling their R1s?
  8. So, let me get this straight. Benelli doesn't care if you shoot High Energy ammunition (even when Federal's site says not to shoot them in semi-autos) and you don't need to break in your rifle? Not that I don't believe you DreamHuntz, it just seems to go against what we've all been taught. I wonder what's the opinion of Benelli's other CS agents and also their engineers. I kinda would like to get this right as I'm getting my R1 as soon as it is released in Canada (June/July) and I intend to give it the best care I can, like I do to all my rifles. [ 01-11-2006, 03:52 PM:
  9. Funny thing you ask, since I also wanted to know so my friends and I made a 300 caliber competition... read on. I had the pleasure of shooting a Tikka T3 in both 300 WSM (friend 1) and 300 Win Mag (friend 2). To me, I saw no difference shooting both. Both guys when shooting each other's rifle agree that the difference (in recoil) is probably more psychological than real. The power is the same. On the target, similar results are obtained, and both guys are great shooters. In fact, the T3 is very accurate with Norma brand cartridges and you could not see the difference both caliber
  10. Jim, though it looks like 300 WSM will not be available in Comfortech anytime soon, there is nothing stopping you from getting a .300 Win Mag. See this site if you're battling 300 WSM and .300 Win Mag : Short Mags: Magic Or Myth?. [ 01-06-2006, 08:59 PM: Message edited by: Chronos ]
  11. Reply to self: Got news from Stoeger Canada again: The R1 with comfortech stock will be available in 300 win mag and 30-06 only. We expect delivery into Canada will be approx June/July 2006. Thank you for your interest in Benelli. Best regards, Someone. Stoeger Canada
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