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  1. Best recommendation is go buy a Browning BAR with the factory installed muzzle brake.
  2. Benelli is coming out with a new 20 round clip for the R-1. The advantage is that it will hold an entire box of 20 rounds of ammo. It's very convenient all you will have to do slide the box right in the bottom of the clip and your ready to go hunting!
  3. 06-22-2006, 11:47 PM tucker301 Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2004 Location: USA Posts: 3,505 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I guess I should check my auctions more often! The gunbroker listing has met the reserve with a little over a day left, so it's on the way out... hopefully. How much did you sell your R-1 for?
  4. I didn't realize that you you posted the first GunsAmerica thread on this site. I was wondering why you were getting so involved in this particular thread...now we know! 05-22-2006, 07:54 PM tucker301 Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2004 Location: USA Posts: 3,505 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've got my R1 listed on gunbroker and gunsamerica. So, I've received a few genuine e-mails of interest, but I've also received several obvious bogus attempts to scam me out of my somewhat hard-earned cash.
  5. I'm the wrong person to try and persuade about gun legislation. I believe that has already been covered in the United States constitution." The right to own and bear arms". So please save that arguement for the "lily livers" politicians in Washington D.C. and individual state governments. I would like to hear more about your R-1 with the muzzle break (do you still have it?) tucker301 Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2004 Location: USA Posts: 3,504 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's what the funds from the s
  6. Tucker301 Go to the http://www.gunsamerica.com site "click" rifles and scroll down to Benelli to see all 20. There was onlt (2) shotguns on that page My R-1 did shoot pretty well when I first bought it but that didn't last very long. It eventually got so bad that it would not shoot a consistant 8" group. With a freshly cleaned barrel it would shoot tighter groups for about 8-10 rounds.I believe it possibly developed a hamonics problem in the barrel. That's why I sent it back to BenelliUSA for them to check it out for me. When I initially contacted customer service about the problem t
  7. Tucker301 I just counted 20 Benelli R-1 rifles on the http://www.GunsAmerica.com website and they had all 5 calibers available including comfortech models. They actually had rifle/scope packages for around $1,000.00 I was very surprised to still see you hanging out on the site. I remember you were in the process of getting rid of your R-1 and considering a Browning BAR. I saw pics of your new assult rifle in another thread. Does it shoot any better than your old R-1 did? I bet you built some muscles up this season carring an 11 pounder in the field
  8. Anyone considering buying a new Benelli R-1 rifle should check-out the large selection and great deals on used Benelli R-1's on http://www.gunsamerica.com site. They have them in every caliber and the site is over-flowing with used R-1 rifles. I recently sold my own rifle for only $400.00. I couldn't find anyone interested in buying it so I gave it away and took a huge loss...OUCH! It was less than 2 years old and looked brand new and didn't have a scratch on it. I just never could get it to shoot consistantly. It seemed to shoot differently every time I took it out of the case. I finall
  9. I am very familar with the R-1 rifle as I already own one and am very pleased with it. I am getting ready to by an automatic shotgun and have been wondering what the main difference is between the SBEII and the M-2 field gun. I plan on using the shotgun for turkey hunting and also close quaters whitetail deer hunting. I see that both guns offer slug barrels as well as the comp choke tubes. I see the benelli web site shows both guns but not much on details or comparisons. Are they both drilled and taped for scopes.Do they both have the same action? Are the stocks different? Looking at the
  10. I am personally very satisfied with my R-1 in chambered in .308 win. i guess If I had it to do all over again (deciding which rifle to pick) I'd still buy the benelli R-1 over the new Browning BAR. My father has bought and traded several hundred rifles over the last 45 years. He has had a gun cabinet full of Browning BAR's and says he never had one worth keeping around and never found one that performed up to his expectations. Up until I bought my R-1 last July or August he was strictly a bolt action die-hard. We played with my rifle at the range a few times and he eventually purchased a Remin
  11. Our you may need to change ammo...try 150 gr. loads for best results
  12. Now We Know... I recently shot my rifle using 165 gr. Federal "High Energy" bear claw bonded ammo with no problems. My rifle performed flawlessly with no problems what so ever. I wasn't very impressed with the group as far trying to zero in my scope but that was not my intention. I was mainly wanting to see if the gun would shot High energy without damage and cycle properly.
  13. Bozhed Try shooting the 150 gr. bullets. My gun loves the Remington 150 gr. pointed soft points. To address the forearm stock loosening I put a rubber 57 cent rubber "O" ring on the receiving end of the of the forearm threads and it works great. Check out Tucker301's thread on the subject. They are great rifles but you will need to make a minor alteration to make it a "great" gun.
  14. DreamHuntz

    R1 in .308

    Chronos My R-1 shoots groups as good or better than the picture posted above by tucker301. I've never had a cycling problem since day one. I can tell you that you better lock the barrel cap down tight for any kind of consistant P.O.I. groups. I am wondering how many of the R-1 owners that are experiencing problems with their guns went through the "Recommended" break-in procedure...at the gun range? Not a very good place to take your gun apart 5 or 10 times in one session. I was at the gun shop today and saw and actually held the "new" Browning BAR. I wasn't impressed by the way it felt in
  15. DreamHuntz

    R1 Rail

    I have a Leupold European 30 3x9 40mm scope on my R-1. I used the piccatinny rail that came with the gun and burris standard rings. I have shot probably140-160 rounds without and movement or other problems related to scoping.
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