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  1. Best recommendation is go buy a Browning BAR with the factory installed muzzle brake.
  2. Benelli is coming out with a new 20 round clip for the R-1. The advantage is that it will hold an entire box of 20 rounds of ammo. It's very convenient all you will have to do slide the box right in the bottom of the clip and your ready to go hunting!
  3. 06-22-2006, 11:47 PM tucker301 Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2004 Location: USA Posts: 3,505 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, I guess I should check my auctions more often! The gunbroker listing has met the reserve with a little over a day left, so it's on the way out... hopefully. How much did you sell your R-1 for?
  4. I didn't realize that you you posted the first GunsAmerica thread on this site. I was wondering why you were getting so involved in this particular thread...now we know! 05-22-2006, 07:54 PM tucker301 Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2004 Location: USA Posts: 3,505 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've got my R1 listed on gunbroker and gunsamerica. So, I've received a few genuine e-mails of interest, but I've also received several obvious bogus attempts to scam me out of my somewhat hard-earned cash.
  5. I'm the wrong person to try and persuade about gun legislation. I believe that has already been covered in the United States constitution." The right to own and bear arms". So please save that arguement for the "lily livers" politicians in Washington D.C. and individual state governments. I would like to hear more about your R-1 with the muzzle break (do you still have it?) tucker301 Senior Member Join Date: Sep 2004 Location: USA Posts: 3,504 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's what the funds from the sale of my R1 brought me yesterday. It weighs about twice what the R1 weighed, but I don't do a lot of long-range walking anyway, so that's no biggie. Mostly, I just wanted a more accurate and more durable semi-auto deer rifle. Nothing wrong with the R1. It just wasn't for me.
  6. Tucker301 Go to the http://www.gunsamerica.com site "click" rifles and scroll down to Benelli to see all 20. There was onlt (2) shotguns on that page My R-1 did shoot pretty well when I first bought it but that didn't last very long. It eventually got so bad that it would not shoot a consistant 8" group. With a freshly cleaned barrel it would shoot tighter groups for about 8-10 rounds.I believe it possibly developed a hamonics problem in the barrel. That's why I sent it back to BenelliUSA for them to check it out for me. When I initially contacted customer service about the problem they told me to send it in and they would look in to the problem and see if they could straighten out. Keryn (customer service rep) told me not to clean the barrel so they could duplicate the same conditions that I was having problems. Upon arrival at their location Chester the gunsmith that worked on my gun said he found powder residue and copper foulings in the barrel to which he attributed the problem. This tells me he didn't read my letter as requested by Keryn. He shot three rounds at 100 yds with a 2 1/2" group and said it met Benelli specifications. It just didn't make since to me to try and sight-in the gun and shot a three shot group to make sure it was sighted properly. How would you do that? Shot (1) shot and clean the barrel and repeat over and over again. Very time consuming process. As I remember you had a muzzle break installed on your R-1 didn't you? I considered doing that also and cutting off 2" off the barrel to see if I could get it to stablize. I basically tried everything I could think of "save my investment" but there were to many possiblities for the problems I was experiencing. I had (2) friends that I hunt with that both have enginering degrees, one from University of Florida and the other from Penn State University they thought it could have been a pressure issue with the gas port and cylinder or barrel harmonics. I am not a rich man and do not like taking an $800.00 loss but at some point I had to just say ENOUGH. I had spent more than $300.00 in just ammo chasing the targets. I even went as far as to buy a second leupold scope VX11 to put on the gun to eliminate that possiblty too. (another $338.00) My refering to your AR as an assult rifle was due to the large volume magazine clip featured in you picture you posted. What does it hold like 20 rounds? Most other hunting rifles only hold (5) that's why I called it an assult rifle.
  7. Tucker301 I just counted 20 Benelli R-1 rifles on the http://www.GunsAmerica.com website and they had all 5 calibers available including comfortech models. They actually had rifle/scope packages for around $1,000.00 I was very surprised to still see you hanging out on the site. I remember you were in the process of getting rid of your R-1 and considering a Browning BAR. I saw pics of your new assult rifle in another thread. Does it shoot any better than your old R-1 did? I bet you built some muscles up this season carring an 11 pounder in the field
  8. Anyone considering buying a new Benelli R-1 rifle should check-out the large selection and great deals on used Benelli R-1's on http://www.gunsamerica.com site. They have them in every caliber and the site is over-flowing with used R-1 rifles. I recently sold my own rifle for only $400.00. I couldn't find anyone interested in buying it so I gave it away and took a huge loss...OUCH! It was less than 2 years old and looked brand new and didn't have a scratch on it. I just never could get it to shoot consistantly. It seemed to shoot differently every time I took it out of the case. I finally got tired of fooling with the blasted thing. ( Besides I was going broke buying ammo for it too) I shot about 12-14 boxes of ammo through it and also sent it back to BenelliUSA for service to no avail. They never could find the problem or correction for it. I asked them to please replace the gun but they said it was within the Benelli factory tolerance of shooting 2 1/2" groups at 100 yards. I never saw that in the advertisements "performance work the price" and probably shouldn't have bought the gun in the first place if that is all the R-1 rifle is capable of. (I have seen auto loading slug guns that would do that). Anyway I didn't want it on my conscience to sell a rifle that performed so poorly to an unsuspecting buyer. I just didn't think that would be right. I let 4-5 of my hunting buddies shoot the gun to see if they were interested in buying it at a very good price but they were all afraid that they might wound an animal with a bad shot or miss a trophy opportunity associated with its poor accuracy and passed on it. I also know of a local authorized benelli dealer selling brand new R-1 rifles clearance priced at $980.00 still in the box just to get them out of there inventory. They said they have had negative feed back from other owners that were dis-satisfied like I was so they won't carry them anymore after these are gone. I guess unfortunatley the R-1 doesn't have the reputation or accuracy associated with other semi-auto rifles such as Browning and Remington. One good thing that did come out of my experience was that I now shoot my bolt action rifle much better accuracy wise. I attribute this to building up the strength in my trigger finger after shooting the R-1. Anyone interested in contact info for these new guns is welcome to leave a request on the forum and I will reply.
  9. I am very familar with the R-1 rifle as I already own one and am very pleased with it. I am getting ready to by an automatic shotgun and have been wondering what the main difference is between the SBEII and the M-2 field gun. I plan on using the shotgun for turkey hunting and also close quaters whitetail deer hunting. I see that both guns offer slug barrels as well as the comp choke tubes. I see the benelli web site shows both guns but not much on details or comparisons. Are they both drilled and taped for scopes.Do they both have the same action? Are the stocks different? Looking at the specifications I see a huge difference in price. I've seen Tom Knapp on TV shooting an M-2 field gun so I take it that it is a high quality shotgun. Can anyone point out the main differences? Any feed back on advantages,features and beneifits of both shotguns?
  10. I am personally very satisfied with my R-1 in chambered in .308 win. i guess If I had it to do all over again (deciding which rifle to pick) I'd still buy the benelli R-1 over the new Browning BAR. My father has bought and traded several hundred rifles over the last 45 years. He has had a gun cabinet full of Browning BAR's and says he never had one worth keeping around and never found one that performed up to his expectations. Up until I bought my R-1 last July or August he was strictly a bolt action die-hard. We played with my rifle at the range a few times and he eventually purchased a Remington 7400 in .270 caliber at a huge discount from walmart for only $325.00. He is an excellent kitchen table gunsmith and did some trigger work on his Remington. (a big plus in the Remington corner) since the Benelli's main complaint is the stiff trigger. My rifle's trigger tested out at about 7 1/2 pounds of pull when we tested it. I would recommend that you check the Browning trigger and see how many pound pull it is set at from the factory and also does it allow for any adjustment? While my R-1's trigger has a heavier pull than my Dads Remington 7400 my Benelli is much smoother and crisper feeling.Unfortunatly the Benelli does not have any real adjustability because of the chromed mating surface.We both shoot about 1" groups at 100 yards. The Benelli will have a better resale value if you are not satisfied...BAR's are a dime a dozen and you see many used Brownings on gun shop racks and in the news paper.
  11. Our you may need to change ammo...try 150 gr. loads for best results
  12. Now We Know... I recently shot my rifle using 165 gr. Federal "High Energy" bear claw bonded ammo with no problems. My rifle performed flawlessly with no problems what so ever. I wasn't very impressed with the group as far trying to zero in my scope but that was not my intention. I was mainly wanting to see if the gun would shot High energy without damage and cycle properly.
  13. Bozhed Try shooting the 150 gr. bullets. My gun loves the Remington 150 gr. pointed soft points. To address the forearm stock loosening I put a rubber 57 cent rubber "O" ring on the receiving end of the of the forearm threads and it works great. Check out Tucker301's thread on the subject. They are great rifles but you will need to make a minor alteration to make it a "great" gun.
  14. DreamHuntz

    R1 in .308

    Chronos My R-1 shoots groups as good or better than the picture posted above by tucker301. I've never had a cycling problem since day one. I can tell you that you better lock the barrel cap down tight for any kind of consistant P.O.I. groups. I am wondering how many of the R-1 owners that are experiencing problems with their guns went through the "Recommended" break-in procedure...at the gun range? Not a very good place to take your gun apart 5 or 10 times in one session. I was at the gun shop today and saw and actually held the "new" Browning BAR. I wasn't impressed by the way it felt in my hands at all. The pistol grip felt very thick and the forearm grip was very wide and bulky (not a smooth handy feeling gun) compared to the sleek design of the Benelli R-1. My friend at the gun shop said that (Browning) had to make changes to the BAR due Benelli's R-1 taking market share. He also said he would choose the R-1 over the Bar from a quality stand point. Good Luck Tucker301 P.S. Does the "new" BAR shot High energy ammo?
  15. DreamHuntz

    R1 Rail

    I have a Leupold European 30 3x9 40mm scope on my R-1. I used the piccatinny rail that came with the gun and burris standard rings. I have shot probably140-160 rounds without and movement or other problems related to scoping.
  16. It is my understanding that the point about "any factory loaded ammuntion" being acceptable for use in the R-1 was stressed to the CS staff by the supervisor of that department. My Dad recently bought a Remington 7400 in .270 caliber on examination of both rifles there is no comparision on the quality of construction of the Remington compared to the Benelli R-1. Unfortunatly I am not as familar with the Browning BAR but I do know that until recently when the R-1 came on the market those were the only (2) choices for a semi-auto high powered hunting rifles *thus the warning from Federal pertaining to High Energy ammunition in auto loading rifles. Let's have some other people call customer service and ask. Please follow-up your phone calls and post your findings. I believe the key to this question is in the gas port system design as that is where the possible damage can occur in the other the manufactors products On the topic break-in procedure, No it can't hurt to do the "old break-in" procedure but the shooting range isn't my first choice of places to learn how to take my gun apart. I am beginning to wonder if this is the reason some of the newer R-1 owners are experiencing ejection and reloading problem issues. I have shot 5-6 boxes of ammuntion through my rifle with no malfunctions of any sort. I have only cleaned my barrel twice. My rifle shoot sub 1" groups consistantly when I concentrate and let the barrel cool down between shots. The trigger pull issue is just something you have to learn by shooting and becoming more familar with it. I have a Rem. Model 700 with a 2-1/2 pound pull trigger I am actually starting to like the trigger in my R-1 better and shooting better groups than the bolt rifle.
  17. I spoke with George in customer service back in early December regarding the spring cap tightening issue. While I had him on the phone I took the opportunity to ask him about shooting high energy ammunition? He told me that his supervisor made a specific point of telling him and the other customer service reps that the R-1 is capable of handling ALL factory loaded ammunition. (That made perfect sense to me as Benelli offers the R-1 in magnum calibers) I also asked him if there was a recommended break-in procedure to which he reminded me that the R-1 barrel is cryo treated (frozen) which takes the temperature of the steel down several hundred degrees below zero which changes the molecular structure of the steel. He then proceeded to educate me to the fact that the barrels are robotically drilled to precision tolerances. He said the "old" break-in procedures are not necessary for the R-1 and will not increase accuracy or add to barrel life. In short the "old" barrel break-in procedure before mentioned in several previous discussions on this site was an exercise started by the military 60 years ago and may have improved barrel life and accuracy back then but is no benefit to R-1 owners. Save your money and your ammo! All of the above info came from the horse's mouth from Benelli's customer service. I just thought I'd pass it along and share it with everyone.
  18. Does this quote from the Benelli owners manual make since to anyone else? "WARNING:use enough force when screwing on the cap to to overcome the contrast of the spring stopping the barrel, until the cap is fully against the cylinder guide pin". End of quote The key word that is confusing to me is "over come the contrast". My question is does this mean tighten the spring until you hear the wood fibers popping in your forearm? Can you over tighten the spring? It would be nice if Benelli would come up with a more precise tool similar to a torque wrench or something along those lines that would give us an exact tension setting for a more uniform and detailed assembly when tightening the barrel down since the guns are marketed as a take down rifle to travel.
  19. I just noticed that you already owned a R-1 in the 30/06 caliber and recently purchased another in rifle in 300. win. too. Did you ever consider just buying the the 300 Win barrel since they are supposed to be interchangable? I believe it is supposed to be about half the price of buying the entire rifle. This was one more reason I decided to buy the R-1 myself. I had originally wanted a 300 win myself but changed my mind to the 308 win instead. I am very pleased with the performance. I have had several Browning BAR and Remington 7400 owners tell me about their displeasure of owning both of those rifles. Everything from hanging up when extracing spent rounds to beating the scopes off their guns and not being to keep them sited in. In making my decision when it came to selecting the caliber I liked the fact that while very accuate the .308 win has the least violent recoil and would be less likey to abuse my scope and mounts and more dependable because of the relatively short case length was perfect for a semi-automatic rifle. I mainly purchased my R-1 to hunt whitetails during the rut in Alabama and Central West Georgia which can offer a variety of tight brush shots as well as some long field shots. I wanted to have the confidence that my rifle would stay sited in as consistant as possible for a 100-300 yard shot if needed. I plan on hunting 30-40 days from starting just before Thanksgiving thru the end of January... that will be the real test that makes or breaks my opinion of how dependable and accurate the R-1 really is. I am curious how the 300 win shoots and does it stay sited in. I have heard of one person that had extraction problem and another concerning reloading with the 300. wins clip.
  20. Alien, I take it that you were 0'ing in your rifle at 2" high @100 yds. My gun was shooting groups very similar to the targets pictured above which are reasonably good by any standard but I was convienced that the R-1 could still perform better or that I could learn to shot it better.The last time I went to the range I took a shooting stand with sand bags and ear muffs ...it made a huge difference for me. You might consider trying this if you haven't already done so. What brand ammo and bullet grain did you shoot. Oh...by the way target "C" is looking ...lets say "DEADLY". You should have plenty of venison in the freezer this winter.
  21. Tucker301 Any chance you would post a picture of the new spring cap for us to compare what is currently on our guns Appreciate it!
  22. Alien Attack, I have a R-1 in .308 win. which is pretty close to your 30/06 ballistically speaking. I have shot many different loads trying to optimize my 3 shot groups.I can tell you that my gun doesn't shoot fancy high tech ammo very well. I get the best performance out of simple over the counter Remington 150 gr. pointed soft point core lokt. They are one of the shortest length bullets and seem to stablize faster for more accurate flight to the target. My gun shoots this ammo in the 1/2"-1" groups which is actually as good or better than my Remington model 700 bolt in .308. I handle my gun several times each daily and dry fire it to breack in the trigger. It has loosened up substantically without any modification on my part.
  23. Tucker301, Congradulations...Your 30/06 shot almost as good of a group as my .308 last time out at the range.You might try the Remington 150 gr. pointed soft poin core lokt to see if you improve further.They did in my gun! How many rounds did you shhot total? Was your lock-cp loose after you finished shooting? I have to say that I was one of the major critics of the R-1's stiff trigger. While these rifles do have a heavy trigger pull they do have a smooth release . I am going back to the range this week to see how consistant my groups really were. ( 1/2" @100 yds last time out) I really appreciate Benelli providing this forum site. It has helped me immensley. The Benelli R-1 is a project in progress. The guns seem to get better and better as you tweak them. keep up the good work guys!
  24. tucker301 I appreciate the diagram and 'O" ring info. I'll definitley give it a try. My rifle shot so good last time I went to the range that I'm afraid to mess with it to much. I do have concerns about the shot group consistency with this nut loosening problem. I wonder if it affects the barrel? I sure would hate for the nut to work itself loose while hunting and falling off. I have even considered putting lok-tight on the threads. Hope we all have our rifles tweaked and ready to hunt when the season opens cause it's right around the corner. All of you guys have helped me immensely and I appreciate your imput very much.
  25. I have noticed that my r-1 rifles fore arm stock gets quite lose after shooting it 20 or 30 rounds. The last time I went to the gun range I probably shot 30 times. the very last 3 shot group was within 1/2". When I picked my gun up off the bench the fore arm stock was lose... I am wondering if trying to over tighten the spring cap has an effect on the barrels performance. I looked at the picture on Garren's post and it looks the same type cap as my rifle. Are you guys saying that their is an up-dated cap available that will eliminate this problem completely? Thanx for you input
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