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  1. "Well, What's everyones opinion? Going to purchase new rifle but not sure which to get. Give me the pros and cons. Would especially like to hear from someone who owns both brands. Looking in 300 win mag/short mag area. I appreciate everyones input!! I have both and like the R-1 much better. It handles better and is lighter. The 300mag does kick a little but I still love it.
  2. I have just received the new spring cap for my R-1, and unlike the old cap, it does not have any flat sides and I am unsure on how to tighten the caps. Is there a tool made for this purpose? Thanks for your help!
  3. Hopefully, there won't be a problem..I will update you guys.. [/qb]You'll probably have to have the firearm sale transferred to NC. I just purchased an R1 from cabela's and they had to transfer the purchase which if I remember correctly cost ~$50. [/QB] I bought one from Cabela's in South Dakota and did not have to transfer anything. I live in Florida.
  4. Ivanab

    New Spring Cap

    I finally had my guns handy and called Benelli requesting the new spring type caps. They said I would have to send in my gun to get the new cap. I told them I would be glad to send in the old part's but hated to remove my scope and send in my gun for a couple of weeks, but they said it was the only way. If anyone has any additional info on who to contact, please let me know. Help Tucker!!
  5. I use 165gr federal Nosler BT. they seem to shoot good in my 300mag.
  6. I just noticed that you already owned a R-1 in the 30/06 caliber and recently purchased another in rifle in 300. win. too. Did you ever consider just buying the the 300 Win barrel since they are supposed to be interchangable? I believe it is supposed to be about half the price of buying the entire rifle. This was one more reason I decided to buy the R-1 myself. I had originally wanted a 300 win myself but changed my mind to the 308 win instead. I am very pleased with the performance. I have had several Browning BAR and Remington 7400 owners tell me about their displeasure of owning both of th
  7. Thanks. Let me know what you decide. When I contact Benelli, is all I need is my serial #? I will probably send off for the cap for a couple of my friends as well.
  8. How did it shoot? Should I change the cap on my rifle's as well? I have a 30-06 and a 300mag. The 30-06 seems to group better.
  9. I have never had my 30-06 malfunction. I will also admit that I do not take real good care of my guns. I sighted it in last year and cleaned it. I bought a new scope and had to sight it in again. I probably fired 80-100 shots thru the gun after the first cleaning and it never hung-up. I fired my first few roads thru my 300mag. last week and it would not load the 3rd bullet. I realized it always happened on the third shot and realized the clip "wing" on the left side of the clip was bent over a little further than the right "wing". I adjusted it wth pliers and it worked flawlessly after
  10. I have a 30-06 carbine R-1. It will shoot 1" - 1.5" groups at 100 yards with winchester silvertips. I recently purchased a 300mag in the R-1, but have not shot it yet.
  11. My 30-06 R-1 is more accurate than my BAR. It also is balanced much better. So I guess my answer is both. I don't plan on hunting with anything else.
  12. Thanks. His problem was verticle adjustment as well. I ordered the shims. I just don't like the rail.
  13. I have a r-1, 30-06 with the 20" barrel and love it!! It has a leupold 3x9 vxii. It shoots much better than my BAR. I recently ordered a 300 mag with the 20" barrel, and understand I will be losing some velocity, but love the shoerter barrel. The question I have about this new rifle is a friend liked my r-1 and got one for himself, with a ziess scope but could not it to site in using leupold mounts. I don't know if the ziess has less adjustment than the the leupold or if I am going to have a problem with my new gun if I put a ziess scope on it. I did a search and did not come up with a an
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