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First impressions of my R1 ComforTec '06


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I just picked up my rifle, mount a Leupy 2.5-8 VX3 and bore sighted the rifle. Even though it was 13 degrees with a 25 mph wind, I had to go out and fire a few rounds. I wasn't expecting to sight in, just feel the recoil and hear the bang so i grabbed some cheapo Olympic ball ammo. I've never seen this before and maybe it was just luck, but the scope shot dead on and 1" low at 50 yd with that combo off a sandbag before I touched the scope. I timed the gusts after the the 1st shot and put the next 2 in one ragged hole. I shot off 12 rounds before I was frozen and was literally shooting pin wheels in a 5 spot target at 50 yds. Maybe a 10lb trigger was just what I needed...I'm very excited about this weapon so far, now to tame down that awful trigger.

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