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  1. Well I got the bug again for a new toy and need to generate some $$. This is one of my more expensive toys and I'm going to try to sell it for a while. Great rifle, mint condition, shoots great and I'll probably kick myself if I sell it but here goes.... The safety has been switched over for lefty by Benelli and can be switched back. Email me if you are interested, [email protected], I don't check this site much.
  2. smong2000

    R1 Safety

    I sent just my trigger group to Benelli and they reversed it for me and tweaked the pull a bit. saved the hassle of shipping the whole rifle. You should call CS and see what the policy is now, took me a while to find the right person to put it through. They had it for a long time and it took 2 tries to get it done so plan on at least a month - it took me much longer. I still think CS is great to deal with -they're just understaffed. Great rifle overall, for a semi...Steve
  3. I have a 7WSM in a Browning Micro Abolt (for sale on GA) that I shot 1 big whitetail with at about 50 yds with and it was pretty gruesome and unnecessary. Never saw that kind of mess in the dozens I've killed with .308s. I replaced it with an R1 Comfortec 30-06 (which shoots great) and that is more than enough for most NA critters. .308 would have been a great choice as well. The short mags are pretty abusive to the shooter as well as the target although the R1 will moderate that quite a bit. Not much that you can do with a 270 WSM that couldn't be done with a 270 win either. Ammo options
  4. Thank you, excellent advice. I always touch up my triggers and may take this one apart some day, but not right yet. I'll degrease again and see if I can detect resistance in those bearing surfaces. There's probably some Moly bonded in there now and I can't 'wear them in' anymore but if they are stiff enough to merit it I can put some jewler's rouge or other metallurgical abrasive in and work it smooth that way. I agree with you in that 90% of trigger issues can be addressed by simply polishing up the contact surfaces and lubricating them so they stay that way. I guess I was hoping for a '
  5. I haven't been shooting my R1 very much but noticed similar behavior after really cleaning the barrel in my '06 and attributed it to my form or trigger pull. Mine settled back to about 1" (with Winchester 165 Walmart ammo) after 2 pretty sloppy 2-3 inch groups. I am really interested in what you did to your trigger and how complicated it was. Mine went back to service and they said it was in spec. (under 6.5lbs?) but seems lighter than when I sent it in. I have degreased it, exercised it extensively, and then molycoated whatever was exposed and this smoothed it up but it still is heavy
  6. I have an R1 Comfortec in 30-06 with a low mounted Leupy VXIII 2-8 and after a couple near sales of it, decided to keep her and use it this season. I'd been hung up with sub-MOA dreams and was going to get a custom bolt to do just that. My R1 will do consistent 1-1.5" off sandbags at 100 with cheap Winchester Powerpoint 165's from day 1 and for now I'm happy with that. I hunt dense evergreens in Vt, NH, Me and Ontario for deer and honestly never had a rifle that carries and comes up quite as nice as the R1. No need for me to think about too many 300 yd shots and follow-up shots at flashing
  7. smong2000

    R1 Recoil

    I have the R1 Comfortec in 30-06 and recoil is light more like a .243. Mine is MOA accurate too!
  8. Got me there Tucker, when did I pick it up, sounds like April weather. It's actually been in Maryland twice since then for the trigger job and safety switch - 1st time took 5 weeks and they forgot to switch the safety but the second time they had it back in less than 2 weeks so it feels very new to me. And yup, I forgot about those 1st trips (in early summer ) so it's been to range 4 times, for about 60 shots total. Thanks for keeping me honest. From your fist post: "I just picked up my rifle, ... Even though it was 13 degrees with a 25 mph wind, I had to go out and fire a few roun
  9. Guys, I'm putting my R1 Comfortech up for sale on Gunsamerica.com. It's mint, got it this summer, only been to the range twice for total of 40 shots, has an extra magazine and the safety is switched to left hand. Great gun, really quite accurate but I am a bolt action man and can't let such a sweet rifle languish in the safe. I have nothing but good things to say about the R1 and the Comfortech is amazing, so little recoil can can see the bullets hit!
  10. I just picked up my rifle, mount a Leupy 2.5-8 VX3 and bore sighted the rifle. Even though it was 13 degrees with a 25 mph wind, I had to go out and fire a few rounds. I wasn't expecting to sight in, just feel the recoil and hear the bang so i grabbed some cheapo Olympic ball ammo. I've never seen this before and maybe it was just luck, but the scope shot dead on and 1" low at 50 yd with that combo off a sandbag before I touched the scope. I timed the gusts after the the 1st shot and put the next 2 in one ragged hole. I shot off 12 rounds before I was frozen and was literally shooting pin
  11. OK, here's the official position from CS8 via another phone conversation - this time it was my dealer calling to get the RA (as the other CS told me to do over the phone) so my rifle could be converted. BENELLI SAYS NO - R1 SAFETY CANNOT BE CONVERTED TO LEFTY OR WARRANTY IS VOIDED! So we're on our own. If someone is willing to help me out on this with instructions or hints I would really appreciate the info and promise not to hold them liable. I wish now that I hadn't committed to buy it.
  12. Thanks again, glad to hear that CS is good from an owners perspective. My skepticism was because of all the different answers they(CS) have given me to this question. I just called and the rep said to just get an RA and they'll do it for me or my dealer but they didn't think I could just send in the trigger group. That's a different story than the regional rep told my dealer and the CS email told me (they said it was not possible and would void the warranty) - but I like that answer better!
  13. Thanks. I'll try to find a CS phone number. Did yours require a lot of work and are you pretty happy with it? I have some reservations about going through with the purchase because it looks like CS is pretty bad and doesn't have their act together.
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