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New R1 300WM


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I just bought a new comfortech 300wm.

I need advice on scope mounting and ammo.

I have a VXIII 4.5-14X50 scope and a set of Leupold high rings.

any recommendations on positioning the rings on the Benelli base? forward or back?

Also I thought Id try some 165gr SPBT ammo and see how that fares.

Any advice is appreciated thanks


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From my post a while back: Well finally made it to the range again. Shot Winchester 180 grain Fail Safe 300 Win Mag. Distance 100 yards. Groups sub 1 inch. And for those of you who might say this is rare.....one of the girls I was with shot the same grouping!

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Oh, also forgot to mention that I just had the trigger smoothed out too. The out of the box pull was 6.5 lbs, the gunsmith reduced it to 4.5 lbs and smoothed it out significantly. Just had the work done today so haven't been to the range yet but I am sure it will improve the accuracy.

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Position the scope for proper eye relief and try to get the rings as close to midway of the tube in each section as possible.


I highly recommend lapping the rings for a good fit.

You could switch to the Burris rings with inserts and forego lapping, plus eliminate the possibility of ring marks on that nice scope.


Make sure that the crosshairs are leveled properly as canting can make proper tracking impossible to achieve.

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