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Benelli 20 ga. whoes


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I purchased an M1 super90 20 ga. in Jan., black finish. Took it home, shot it, gun messed up royally! Wouldn't chamber 2nd round, then it hung up in the bolt assembly, i.e. bolt action stayed locked back & short of me wanting to slam it to the ground, you had a heck of a time getting it unstuck. Was cleaning it, thinking that was the problem & the machined BB that is under the magazine cap came flying out along with this teeny weeny spring. Gun went back to dealer & the knott head sent it to his machinist, not back to Benelli, (probably voiding my warranty). They got the BB back in, scratching the gun in the process & said the jamming was fixed. I picked it up & had it jammed in 2 seconds flat, didn't have to fire it. Boy was I pissed! The dealer then got out a brand spanking new still in the box Advantage Timber 20 ga. to compare it to mine. I liked the looks of this gun, so I traded him, along with some more money of course. Took it out, shot 5 shells through it & heard a rattling noise, the magazine cap swivel had broken off & went into the gun magazine!! To say I was upset doesn't begin to cover it. Do you know how he fixed my cap?!? He put a split type ring washer on it! This cap matches my gun right down to the brush stroke, so I really wanna keep it. I think the swivel's going to come off again the way he has it set up. Can this particular cap be fixed properly, anybody know? Oh and when I was shooting it the other day, it starting failing to chamber the 2nd or 3rd shell. ARGH!! Maybe I was weeny arming it, not sure. I also wanna know if anybody else hears a noise when you shake your gun up & down, either with the chamber open or closed? Mine is worse when it's open. Sounds like the spring in the bolt action assembly, is that normal? I love the gun, but jeez, how much crap does a person have to put up with? Brand new & for the moola it cost it shouldn't have ANY problems! My husband has an M1 Super90 12 ga. & had no problems with it. He's also told me not to touch his gun, I'm a jinx!!!

Thanks for any input & help.

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Wow - you are really having a tough time!


There is no excuse for the sling swivel to break - that's pure crap. Of course, every one I have installed myself has broken!, but not out of the box.


That noise you hear is the inertia spring aka the spring that makes the gun work.


Click on Benelli above, then Innovations, then Inertia Recoil Design. You can read all about the design there.


Sounds like the black gun was badly broken or missing parts.


I have put 30,000+ rounds through Benelli semis, and the only malfunction that has ever caused me to take the gun apart was; dry firing, putting the safety back on, and then pulling the bolt back with the safety engaged. That locked the gun up good!


mudhen - CA

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