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RE: R-1 manual instructions


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My R-1 manual has an "errata" sheet for page 20 indicating the use of the"forend follower" as a tool to insert into the recesses of the barrel locking cap in order to "screw the barrel locking cap using the torque necessary to win the spring contrast, in order to arrive to stroke end on the plunger pin"


In looking at this follower - (it is really a stud for a sling)

it is mated to a fluted, conical nut with two radiused cut-outs. It turns freely in its housing which is again mated to a tapered cylinder fixed(Icannot tell how) in the distal forend.


A. I cringe applying torque to this stud to seat the nut . It seems counter intuitive to stress such a beautiful piece of wood against the grain.


B.The radiused areas on the cone must be for the location of a tool to loosen the conical piece from the

cylinder / spring assembly. while I presume holding it from turning through the forend.


I would like to see two tools for this rifle - a "barrel locking cap wrench" which would hopefully capture two of the drilled recesses in the nut - in order to prevent slipping and peening; and a "forend follower removal tool" in order to remove, replace, clean deep in the forend.


I plan to cut a srewdriver shaft (approx 6 mm) and shorten it, to use to tighten the barrel locking cap during assembly / dissassembly.

Any other suggestions?


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