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Replace Barrel Nut on comfortech R1


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Hi All,


I am a new owner of a 06 R1 comfortech. I have shot about 30 rounds on Winchester Superx 150grain. I am not happy with this round and will be trying others.


Anyway, the forend barrel nut on my R1 is defective and the small piece that the sling swivel attaches to has broken off. must have had a stress crack or something. Anyway, Customer service said they would send a replacement. The strange thing is , on my forend, there is not a hex to remove the forearm nut on the Comfortech. Has anybody done this on the comforttech? CS said it could be remoed but i don't see any way.



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Hi Tucker,


Thanks for the response. Yes, my brother has the standard and the screw is easily found. the comfortech model does not have the screw, or any other I can find. It does'n look like there is any place to remove it. it looks like the plastic is molded around to hold it in. I was hoping someone may have run into this problem already with a comfortech ;) Sometimes i hate being first.


In terms of the parts manual. my comfort tech came with what looks like the parts manual for the standard R1.

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I looked at the parts breakdown on the Italian site.

While it shows the Comfortech stock and forearm separately from the standard models, there does not appear to be a clear reference to it.


Just to be clear, you are referring to removing the nut that joins the forearm to the barrel, and not the nut that joins the barrel to the receiver?




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Just got off the phone with Benelli Customer Support. They are goin to send an entire front forearm because they do not have any of the barrel nuts at this time. They have done a great job handling the issue. Hopefully I get it some time next week. I have a trip planned and will have to hunt without a sling until it comes in. I will post an update if i can find out if this is a replaceable part on the comfortech or a new forearm is always needed.



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Just thought I would throw in my two cents about the barrel nut/stock/fore-end follower. My dad has the R1 comfortech and when putting together last weekend, using the forearm as the tool to tighten down the barrel lock, the fore-end follower (as named in the parts list) just fell right out of the fore-end assembly. It was probably only the 6th to 7th time this gun has been put together and taken apart. There is not a fore-end grub screw (as named in the part list) on the comfortech version we have. There is just a lame little plastic tab that is supposed to keep the nut together with the fore-end. I also called CS and they do not have the comfortech schematics either. Thanks to the previous postings here, especially Tuckers with the diagrams I was able to relate to them what I needed. They are sending out a whole new fore-end piece. I made a little tool out of an old drill bit I had, that is the right diameter to fit the barrel lock bolt and will use that in the future when putting the gun together or taking apart, so as to save the fore-end in case a field take down/put together is necessary. In reading for the better part of a year the threads in this forum relating to the R1 and accuracy, I will say this. This gun was bought to replace my fathers Winchester M1 Garand, simply because the M1 is getting to heavy for him to carry around. We mounted open sites on the R1 and have found it to be pretty accurate as an autoloader (have not killed a deer yet), but this is it's maiden season. We hunt deer in northern Minnesota, the woods is heavy and a shot further that 75-80yds is rare. My father likes to walk through swamps and we also like to drive deer, this gun seems to be the perfect fit. Whether it can stand up to the legendary M1 has yet to be seen. All I know is the deer better watch out when myself and my dad come through the swamp with the M1 and the R1.

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