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Duck shells for nova etc.


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I just bought a new Benelli Nova and I'm wondering what kind of shells would be the best for ducks. Also, this is the first shotgun I've ever bought and I heard about this jamming problem after I'd bought it. I still have a week left to wait before i go pick it up. Any advice about the shells or the jamming problem would be usefull. Lastly I'd like to hear some feedback from Nova owners on what they like to hunt and where.

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I like the Winchester Drylocks the best for steelshot. I Federals blow powder in your face bad. Remingtons aren't bad though. What type of hunting? Pass shooting you need 3" or 3 1/2", decoys you are okay with 3" No. 2 shot for most any ducks. If geese are coming around, you need #2, #1 or BB.

I like to hunt swamps or at Mattamuskeet Nat'l Wildlife Refuge area. Ducks, geese and tundra swans are everywhere down there.

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