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super black eagle two

Brian Madison

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I own a couple Benelli shotguns but neither of them shoot 2 1/2" shells. I worked in a gun shop for a while and heared a few guys say that they really like the SBE 2 but a few of them did not. I am looking for an honest opinion about the gun because I am interested in buying one. I hope you can help



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2 1/2" shells? The SBE2 is the ONLY shotgun that you need. I'm lucky enough that mine will cycle 1 oz. shells and with the 28" barrel it makes for a great dove/quail gun. The 3 1/2" payload is excellent for long range Canadians or turkeys. I find that the 3 1/2 shells aren't necessary for most situations, but during spring turkey season there isn't anything else that I would put in my gun.

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