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bought a nova


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I recently purchased a used Nova with 24" barrels and the recoil softening system. The gentleman I purchased it from told me he bought it for use in goose pits where he needed the shorter barrel. My question is, does Benelli have a 28" or 30" barrel available. I have been told at several clubs that they are out there but I haven't seen them in Benelli's catalog. would I benefit from getting this longer barrel ported?

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Porting will make it really loud, but it will reduce muzzle climb.


Did you know that the sighting plane on a 24" pump is about the same as it on a 28" o/u?

The longer receiver accounts for the difference.

With today's modern chokes and propellants, barrel length matters a lot less than it used to.


However, if your heart's set on the longer barrel, they can be had.

This site shows a 26" nova barrel as an accessory.

You may also find them on ebay, gunbroker.com, auctionarms.com, and other such sites from time to time.

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Originally posted by daninjastyle550:

the shorte barrel is a disadvantege to lead. but i would get a 32 inch for it so you hit they more often then having 5 feet of lead.



One, your post makes little to no sense.


Two, Benelli doesn't produce a 32" barrel for the Nova (nor does any aftermarket manufacturer of which I know).


In general, your post was a waste of space. If you don't know what you are talking about, leave the subject be (don't see me commenting on much other than the Novas and a little waterfowl).


Usually I'm all about helping out those less fortunate in the brain department, but I'm going to have to side with Tucker on this one.


[ 11-15-2005, 08:07 AM: Message edited by: Cleric ]

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