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slug guns SBE


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It definately kills deer! I took a 7-pointer in OH this year and will hunt black bear with it in southeast Alaska this spring.


The accuracy depends on the slug. I've found it to shoot the Lightfield Hybred EXP, Brenneke SuperSabot, and Winchester Partition Gold groupings of 1.5 - 3" at 100 yards. Others say the Federal Barnes Expander 2 3/4" 3/4 oz is the way to go. I haven't been able to find these to try out yet.


I am very satisfied with its performance and love the fact that barrels can be switched without having to resight in the scope.

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My Particular SBE has the ER Shaw barrel on it and I can get reliable groups of 1.5" of less. I use the Federal Sabots (simular to the old BRI) and took two deer this year. One at 148 yds and one at 20 feet. I could not get good groups with the Remington, Hornady, brenneke or Lightfield with mine. The Winchester Partitions were pretty close to POA but 2" groups. still need to test the Fed Barns expanders and Winchester Platinum tips. Buy several boxes of various slugs and do some bench time. Every gun will have its own preference.

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