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superblackeagle/poor patterning


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im the proud owner still ,of a superblackeagle and can not get the gun to shoot a good pattern at 50 yds to save my life.oh ya,wanting to shoot 3 1\2 00 buckshot.i have tried every combinations of choke.the best pattern i can get is a perfect 4 ft circle with hrdly no shot any where nere the center.missed some nice bucks this past year because of this.if i go with any other choke the pattern gets even worse.i have also tried every type of shell made for buckshot 3 1\2.still with no results.the best pattern i can get was with 2 3\4 #1 buckshot.this is very disatisfying when i see other members in the club shoot a 870 at 50 yds and eat the target up.any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated.happy hunting.

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Are you using factory chokes or aftermarket chokes like say 'Patternmaster' ? I have a m1 12ga that I use a Patternmaster ported choke with geese, duck and deer and get phenomenal results on target. With OO buck shooting 3" Fed Premium's with 15pellet count.. I get all 45 pellets within a 30 inch circle at 50yds. Thats coming out of a 28 inch bird barrel. It's possible your flinching..try shooting at a shorter distance and see what the pattern is.. also try shooting a rifled slug thru it with a cyl, or imp cyl choke at a short distance then at 50 yds and see if you can hit where you want. Your might have a bent barrel, try locking the gun in a gun vise/bench rest and see what happens.

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