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Rifled choke tubs


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KeeblerTim - You might want to re-post this in the Benelli - brand specific forum. A few of the guys there would be able to help you out.


For what it's worth, I understand that the company recomends rifled slugs with a cylinder (5 notch) tube in a smooth bore barrel ... but, i have no knowledge of their rifled tube offerings or other manufacturers specifics.


Good Luck

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There are no "rifled choke tubes" that I know of... You can get guns with rifled slug barrels and they usually have fixed cylinder chokes. At any rate, if you're using a standard smooth bore barrel, then you want to fire rifled slugs, not sabot slugs. When firing rifled slugs, the more open the choke, the better. So, cylinder is the best. Definitely do not fire rifled slugs out of an XXFull choke, or the slug can get jammed at the muzzle and break your gun, and maybe hurt you in the process.

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If you are going to shoot the foster style or Rifled slugs use a IMP CYL or a CYL choke. If you are using the sabots Benelli like all manufacturers make them and are very cheap in comparison to a rifled barrel. Although with a rifled barrel you may get a little extra control I prefer the rifled choke. The reason I say this is because a rifled barrel can be used for nothing else where as a slug barrel with a rifled choke can be used several ways. With a simple choke change you can hunt birds or use it for home defense. Most manufacturers make there rifled choke tubes only 2 3/4 inches long and thats not a lot of area for a slug to get a good spin. Thats why I recommend a hastings choke tube which is a full 5 inches in length and I have found it to be much more accurate.

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