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Try this next time...


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My buddy and I were at the local trap range and came up with a variation on a theme that we really enjoyed.


At this trap range, you throw your own clays with your own thrower. We load 2 clays into the thrower. The person NOT throwing is #1 the other person is #2. the clays are released and the 1st shooter selects a target and shoots it. The 2nd person now has to shoot the second target before it is lost. The trick- the 1st shooter doesn't announce which clay he is going for. Shooter #2 doesn't know what his target is until late in the throw. Makes it tough and fun! We had a blast waiting as long as we could to pull the trigger making it as hard as possible on shooter #2!


If it catches on, we'll call it "Polish Trap" because I am Polish!


Try it next time!



PS- funniest thing seen at the range EVER. 1 experienced shooter + FIVE newbies, all had shot guns. The clay was thrown and 5 guns were shooting at the same target SIMULTANEOUSLY! You'd hear 10 rounds in 2 seconds, and it loked like those movies made of the Civil War where everyone was in a line and fired at the same time. So very funny, we couldn't stop laughing....


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We play a similar game, sometimes for money.

Get about 5 or so, guys to stand on the farthest trap line as close together as is reasonable to still have room to shoot. (i.e. not spread out on the 5 normal shooting stations) We then toss 1 target, the #1 guy shoots it if he hits it the #2 guy shoots the next target, and so on. Anytime a shooter misses their target the next shooter can try to break it before it hits the ground. If you miss and the next shooter hits your target your out. If #1 misses his target, and #2 shoots and misses, #3 can shoot at it. If #3 hits it #2 is out, and #4 shoots the next target. If nobody hits the target the #1 shooter is still in the hot seat so to speak, this insures that he doesn't just wait until the target hits the ground. Each shooter has to either break a target or someone has to be eliminated to end their turn, thus putting the next shooter in the hot seat. If you break somebody else’s target, the guy after you is now in the hot seat. (i.e. If it’s #3’s turn and he misses #4 shoots and breaks it. It is now shooter #5’s turn, and shooter #3 is out.) This keeps going around until there is only 1 shooter left, and he wins the pot if there is any money involved. We usually each through 5 or 10 dollars in the pot. On occasion we’ve had as many as 10 guys starting out on the line, and that makes for a nice size pot.


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