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  1. That all seemed a bit ugly and totally unecessary bkd.
  2. My buddy and I were at the local trap range and came up with a variation on a theme that we really enjoyed. At this trap range, you throw your own clays with your own thrower. We load 2 clays into the thrower. The person NOT throwing is #1 the other person is #2. the clays are released and the 1st shooter selects a target and shoots it. The 2nd person now has to shoot the second target before it is lost. The trick- the 1st shooter doesn't announce which clay he is going for. Shooter #2 doesn't know what his target is until late in the throw. Makes it tough and fun! We had a blast
  3. Dumb question- Are you sure it is a STAIN and not the absence of the finish? Could the finish have been removed somehow (Over-aggressive cleaning, etc?)...
  4. I have a (cotton?) swab thingy (what are those called anyway?) that I run through the barrel last. My other trick is double patches to increase their size and increase the contact surface area.
  5. Not my new pants!!! Thanks!
  6. Someone also said to never run a dry brush down the barrel. Dunno, but makes sense, so I always apply solvent first...
  7. Gun Guy- How long of a wait for the bore foamer to work? Is it an aerosol product? I'm looking to reduce the number of brain cells I kill every time I clean my gun...
  8. I just always use Rem oil as well. I felt (right or not?) that choke lube oil was another specialty product that was more a case of someone trying to find a niche in a market versus something that is truly required. If you listen to all the product manufacturers, I'd have 20 different products to clean my gun. I use 2. But, That is just my opinion... If someone could definitively say I am risking something, I'll listen... Oh yeah, I clean my gun every time I use it as soon as I am done, so that may make a difference too.
  9. A brush you can spray clean, patches you throw away. What do you do with a dirty snake?
  10. I am brand new to everything here- this forum, gun ownership, and shooting sporting clays. As a total newcomer, I would like some feedback on my gun cleaning technique: When I get done shooting for the day (50-100 rounds) everytime I clean my Franchi 612. I clean the barrel with a metal barrel brush (is it OK to use the brush each time?), followed by a nitro solvent on a cleaning pad, then I keep going with the pads soaked in REM oil until the barrell is clean and shiny. Then with just a rag and can of REM oil, I remove the piston and clean the heck out of that inside and out.
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