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M2 Tactical unknown part?


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While unpacking my new M2, as I was removing the forearm, a metal disk fell to the floor. I cannot match the part to any in the manuals, so I don't know where it belongs. I would call the disk a washer with two dog ears across from each other. .096" thick, 0.845" diameter X .906" diameter across the dog ears. The hole in the center is about .575" with a flange on one side. The metal is the same color as the rest of the M2.

The disk looks like it could fit in the mag extension or be part of the plug (limiter). But I cannot be sure where it goes because the M2 manual's pictures do not match the Tactical model at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I might be able to take some digital pictures if that would help.

Thanks in advance, Leadgofer

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That goes in the magazine tube extension. It should be the very last part on the muzzle end. The side with the upraised flange faces outboard (towards the muzzle).


The piece that's like a round cake pan with a hole in the middle goes right behind it, on the buttstock side. The flat part faces the muzzle and the magazine tube spring is against the flanged side.

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