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    firearms and shooting, especially Precision Rifle
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    LEO, FFL, Firearms/Tactics Instructor
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  1. My buddy runs a GG&G bolt release on his Benelli M4. When he came and took a class from me, he was having problems. We tracked it to the back side of the front of the extended bolt pad touching the receiver. We took it off and the gun ran flawlessly. Put it back on and he had jams. I removed material from the back of the pad a bit at a time, using trial and error, until it functioned perfectly. That's been about a year ago. I called GG&G and talked to one of their engineers and explained the problem to them. Not sure if he just got a bad one, or if it was a flaw in the design. If so, hopefully GG&G has fixed it.
  2. I use the same sight, the Burris FastFire, on my M2 Tactical, but mounted further forward on a Mesa Tactical Pic rail. I've had it on their for over 2 years. My M2 gets a lot of abuse from me, as I use it when I'm teaching Tactical Shotgun classes. The sight is still 100% trouble free, and it's still running on the original battery.
  3. I was in a store here in Georgia called Dixie Ammo Dump the other day. They had the largest selection of Benelli M4's I have ever seen in one place, including numerous Class III versions. They do internet sales and will ship to any state. They also had a lot of M2's and Nova's. Their number is (706) 654-5614.
  4. I've got several buddies that are top notch 3 Gun shooters. They all run M2's with Nordic components.
  5. cmshoot

    Swapping bolts?

    Where is that thread on modifying your bolt to allow the extra round? Can't find it.
  6. cmshoot

    Gun Kote

    I do a lot of custom gun work and have a good many of them coated in KG Coatings' Gun Kote. Here's a couple of 1911's I built. The green one I built for a friend, in a custom color mixed for me by KG. http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/1911DawsonRail004.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/1911DawsonRail002.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/1911DawsonRail003.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/1911DawsonRail001.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/vern_1911__1.jpg http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/vern_1911__2.jpg
  7. When I was in the Marine Corps, we used powdered graphite for lube when in extreme cold conditions.
  8. cmshoot

    18.5" Barrel

    I've shot slugs out of my smoothbore 18.5" M2 out to 150yds that were accurate enough to hunt with.
  9. My bad. I was talking about an M4 Carbine. On my M2 Tactical, I use a J Point clone. http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/100_0174.jpg
  10. Best red dot set up I have ever used on a flattop M4 is the Eotech. It will co-witness with your BUIS's and is a dang good, reliable piece of gear. I mounted mine with a GG&G throw-lever that replaced the standard thumbscrew mounting arrangement. I could take the sight off if I wanted to, and it always returned to zero for me.
  11. Here's an option. Rusty Sherrick makes some of the finest leather I have ever owned. He made all of my duty rig for me and it's the best I have ever handled. I will usually get about 2 years use out of a Galco or Bianchi belt scabbard concealment holster, before I have worn it out and have to replace it. I've been using my Rusty Sherrick for 2 years now and it's as good as it was when new. Worth every penny. He makes a hoslter called the Steve's Special. Sounds very similar to the Safariland Klipspringer. Since he makes 'em custom, you can specify the color and whether or not you want a thumb break. Click on the link and scroll down until you find Steve's Special. http://www.c-rusty.com/pages/holsters/vertbelt.html
  12. The Safariland Klipspringer was a leather holster that had a heavy, silver-in-color metal clip instead of belt loops. You clipped it to your belt, pants, etc. http://i175.photobucket.com/albums/w147/cmshoot/klipspringer.jpg I had one years ago for a 3" S&W Model 13. There was a Klipspringer for sale on ebay for a S&W Model 36, but it's gone now. Someone really wanted it, it sold for $137!
  13. Could be the size/shape/thickness/length of his hand and/or fingers. Grips and stocks are made to fit a range of shooters at an average size, and to an extent on both sides of average size. If he's past that "range" of shooters, on one end or the other, it can sometimes cause problems. Could also be his hand positioning.
  14. Do you have a sidesaddle-type shell carrier on either gun? Any other accessories mounted?
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