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  1. I just bought an 11707 a few months back, but I want to be a good citizen. Should I call Nancy Pelosi and have her come get it, or can I just surrender it at any mosque? rg
  2. Mine came with Mod only too. I contacted CS, and some irritable female basically told me to shove it. Being a loser working at a help desk can make you pissy. (voice of experience)
  3. Sorry, I wasn't precise enough. This is a Benelli M4 Tactical 12 ga, not the M4 carbine.
  4. Thanks. Looks like Eotech has a number of models. Do you recall which one you are using?
  5. I'd like to rail mount a red dot sight on my M4. Anybody have any recommendations?
  6. rgroves

    M4 Choke Tubes

    Yes, I misunderstood. Thanks for knocking it into my skull. I still think one choke tube with a $1450 shotgun is pretty stingy, but OH WELL! So it's back to the aftermarket if I want to use this firearm with other chokes. And my thanks for all the good advice. This is a terrific forum and I'm enjoying the new info.
  7. rgroves

    M4 Choke Tubes

    Thanks. Let's see how they do.
  8. rgroves

    M4 Choke Tubes

    M4 Super 90 Tactical, brand new production shipped to my dealer on my special order. I've been looking around for an email link to Benelli but nothing obvious from their site and nothing from the manual. Since their phone support was so indifferent, I hoped to reach them by another channel. If anybody has an email link I'd like to try that. Thanks. rg
  9. rgroves

    M4 Choke Tubes

    Mine had a mod choke installed, three notches on the rim.
  10. rgroves

    M4 Choke Tubes

    Well, I made the call. And the woman who finally answered told me the firearm doesn't include more than one choke tube. She wasn't all that friendly about it either. Now I'll call Carlson's and order what I want - from the aftermarket. A few years ago I bought a Ruger Red Label. Full set of tubes included. Whenever I've called Sturm Ruger about a service question with any of my Ruger arms, I got stellar service. I've been buying Rugers for 20 years now, one or two per year. So who do you suppose I'll buy from next time? rg
  11. rgroves

    M4 Choke Tubes

    Thanks, both of you. Looks like I'll see what kind of Benelli customer service I get right off the bat. Assuming I can get other standard tubes from Benelli, I'm also very interested in what a aftermarket rifled tube might do with the right slugs. rg
  12. rgroves

    M4 Choke Tubes

    Hey all. I just unpacked and assembled my new M4. First impression -- HOOAH! I even read the manual. And there's a page that refers to "Benelli Choke Tubes" without any further parts numbers. So here's a new guy question. Are choke tubes for the M4 the same as for other models? If not, can I order them? Mine came with one tube, three notches that the manual says is modified. I'd like to have other options. Thanks Russell Groves
  13. Collapsible stock for $250? You bet I'm there. Thanks Russell
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