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diffence between sport and sport 2


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I believe the Sport is a one piece receiver, like the M1 and Montefeltro.

The Sport II is a two piece receiver like the SBEII.

The Sport II has a Crio barrel and extended Crio choke tubes, and is ported.

The sport uses standard choke tubes and is not ported.

The Sport II has a larger trigger housing and raised vent rib.

I believe the Sport has a carbon fiber interchangeable rib.

Thats the main differences I know of.

Hope this helps.

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I would definately go with the Sport II.

The original Sport is more like a older Montefeltro with a different rib.

I had a Sport II but I now have a 20ga Super Sport that I really like.

If you found a good deal on the Sport and can buy it right its still a good gun. There all good. The Sport II is just the latest and greatest.

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They are both the exact same gun, only the supersport has a carbon fiber stock with the comfortech system and the supersport has a wood stock without comfortech. I would go for the original, its the one with comfortech and I have never been a fan of wood stocks. If you found one for $900 or $1000, I would definately not pass that up. :D

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It would appear Liberty or Death Jr. is a little confused. He needs to reread his post. I believe we are talking about an older Sport model that was discontinued in 99 and reintroduced for 1 year only in 01 according to my Blue Book.

100% is $1125 and drops to $895 in 98% and $575 in 90%.

For $1000 to $900 I'd get the Sport II IMO. It has all the upgrades for not all that much more.

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