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Just wanted to say hi and ask a ? or two


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Hello, I'm new here, I just picked up a new M2 yesterday! I'm very excited about this gun and can't wait to pattern it and break it in. As a newbie to Benelli I will warn you that I'll be asking questions, but I will use the search engines first to try to get some answers.


I assume that the 'break in' period comes before patterning the gun, or can you do both at the same time? I will be using this gun for ducks/geese primarily as I use a Red Label for upland game. I bought the gun for waterfowling, but after reading some posts on here I read that I can also use it for deer also? If that's true it makes it an even sweeter deal! Thanks in advance!

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You can definately use it for deer, even if you don't want to get a slug barrel for it, I can punch a hole through a deers chest at 75 yards with a smoothbore, open sight 20 guage, and no rifled choke, which is another option if you don't want to buy the slug barrel.


To break it in, I would say 4 boxes of some heavy waterfowl rounds and you should be good, you should be able to pattern it while you break it in. The reason people use the heavy rounds to break it in is because the heavy rounds loosen the recoil spring, which is stiff when you first get it and has a hard time cycling lighter rounds if some heavy loads haven't been shot to loosen it a little.


My uncle never broke in his SBE II, which is similar the the M2 but shoots 3-1/2" shells, he just bought his gun and some 3-1/2" goose rounds and took it goose hunting. He got just as many as I did and his gun didn't have one problem. He didn't even pattern it or adjust the shims so if fit better.

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You can't shoot deer with an M2.

You can shoot them, but they'll know it's an M2 and they won't die.


OK, so I'm kidding you :D


Welcome to the boards.


Ignore M1014, skidaho, and mudhen on Tuesdays.


The rest of us are geniuses... genieie? Whatever... we're smart and they're not :p .

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