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Help with a Charles Daly 20 gauge???

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I have a 20 gauge charles daly that I have had for a while now. When I first got it, it did great, got a few doves, a few ducks, and I managed to drop a half dozen geese with it. But I neglected it, I never oiled it once, and I hardly ever cleaned it. It ended up rusting a bit which caused the extractor arm to not catch the round like it normally should, one out of 3-4 rounds will not extract. I have oiled it up well with breakfree CLP but I still have the problem. My question is, can I bend the extractor arm with out breaking it or is it about impossible to do with pliers?

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Most all extractors are hardened steel. If you try to bend it it will break. Are you talking about an O/U? or an Auto?

I would try to get a replacement and then you may have to fit it.

The other option is to have it tig welded if you know a good welder and rework it. Not sure if this helps much but hardened steel will break without heat and once you heat it it will loose its tempering and need to be rehardened. Much cheaper and probably easier to find a new part and refit.

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