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M3 owners....shot shell question and mag ext. ?


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I have a Benelli M3, it will shoot slugs with no problem, so far, I haven't found a shot shell that it will cycle. Would an M3 owner please tell me exactly what brand, shot size, oz, and dram of shot shell they use to reliably cycle their M3?


the heaviest load I have tried so far are Win. #6, 1 1/8 oz, 3 1/4 dram loads


also while I have you, is there any law to prevent me from installing a 2 shot mag extention on my M3?


thank you in advance,


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I have had no problem shooting any shot out of my M3 (I shoot 7-8 shot loads) for light loads I just switch it to pump. I would try some of those super handicap loads offered by almost all shell companies to see if it still gives you problems, then give it to more qualified experts at benelli to figure out. As I understand it (It is a big discussion on the board) you can have a two shot extention on the M3 as long as you don't have a pistol grip and don't hunt with it, but this is just what I think and if it bothers you ya need to contact the ATF or local PD and try to get an answer out of them (I shoot skeet with mine with some local PD and they have yet to say anything except ask to shoot it!). Because Benelli is a imported gun more laws are applied while you can buy a tactical 1100 at any store pretty easy. But with the law unclear on this for now I doubt that the police even have a clear understanding on what the laws ruling is.

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