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Needing a montefeltro Short Stock


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Just brought home my 3rd Benelli Auto in 3 mos. Current model 20ga Montefeltro 26" marked used for $750 at a local Gander Mountain but looking unfired. All the chokes, manual, case, shims, wrench, lube, everything a new one would come with. No dings, perfect.

5lbs 6oz on my scale.


Need a short stock for it for my son.








The whole gang except for my 12ga Nova

12ga 28" 1996 Montefeltro

20ga 26" 2005 montefeltro

12ga 21" 2000 M1 Super 90


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In my opinion I would get the stock cut down and fitted with an aftermarket pad.



Hopefully you will read this before buying the stock. I bought my wife a Montefeltro. They did not have the Short Stock Youth model in. I bought the adult model and had it cut down and fitted with a Packmayr recoil Sporting Clays pad. I got they shims too with different thicknesses so I could make the LOP longer or a little shorter depending on the time of year and what the wife wears.


This process only cost me $85 dollars. When you buy that short stock I am not sure it comes with a pad but if it does then it will be just the stock on from the factory.


I am telling you that you would be WAY better off cutting the adult one down, picking a GOOD aftermarket pad and you will save yourself a lot of money.


Just remember, measure twice before cutting, ha, ha... Have a good gun fitter who know what they are doing do the work for you.


My wife couldn't be happier. Just so you know she is 5'2 and 95lbs and loves this gun. Her's is the 20g. She shot 125 rounds through it on Saturday with ZERO malfunctions and no soreness.





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