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Will a RH bolt function in a LH SBE?


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Since a left handed slug barrel is not available for my SBE I was wondering if I could use a RH slug barrel with a RH bolt.


Are the lower recievers the same on the RH and LH models?


If it will work where can you get a bolt at a reasonable price?


I ask because I just bought a new slug barrel without thinking about the RH vs. LH issue. I felt lso stupid when i took it out of the package looked at it and my SBE.

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Look at your lower receiver and compare it to this picture of a RH SBEII.



Your carrier control button and cartridge drop lever are on the same side of the lower receiver as they are on the RH model.


The only difference is the safety.


Now Benelli is playing tricks with their photographs of LH SBEII's on the main site.


Compare these three images.

I smell a Photoshop!


LH Camo


LH Black


LH Monte


The Monte matches my SBEII LH on the two afore-mentioned parts.

The others do not.

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Where to find one at any price :confused:.



Brownells has one for $388.00. Which is outrageous, but the cheapest I've found.


You only need to parts to switch it over, not the whole assembly.


But the two parts, the bolt and the locking head assembly, are $331. So for $50 extra it is easier to switch back and forth.

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