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Couple questions


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Black synthetic non comfortechs are available.

Comfortech stocks are as scarce as hens teeth.

You can't buy a comfortech from Benelli unless you can send them one you destroyed which is unlikely. They will not sell them or everyone would simply upgrade their SBE and not buy the SBE II's.

Which it seems is your idea also. If they did I am sure they would be mucho $$$$$.

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Thanks Full Bore. I already own the SBE. I've had it for a few years but have not fired it and am not too familiar with it.


I'm looking for a slug gun and am trying to determine if I should buy a new SBE II or try and convert my existing SBE into a slug shooter by adding a rifled barrel and Comfort Tech stock/forearm.


Does anyone know if the rifled sights that come on the SBE slug barrels are removable?


Any advice would be greatly appreicated.:)

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One could remove them however not that easily. As I recall they're dovetailed and you would still have the ramp on the front. There sweat on. They're not that high and if you scope it you'll be above them anyway.

If you want to scope it get a SBE II barrel and I believe you will also have to get a SBE II forend also. The SBE II is already D & T I believe. The SBE barrel is not and I assure you they are not fun to D & T as the receivers are quite hard.

A barrel and forend is still cheaper than a new SBE II but I always look for a reason to buy a new gun anyway.

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