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Just Got My M-3, How To Remove Carrier


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Morning Folks:


smile.gif Just picked up my new M-3 from my FFL yesterday. Before I start using it I wanted to add a few mods: an improved carrier (to prevent Benelli thumb); a larger bolt handle; a larger safety; and a larger magazine release.


Anybody have any comments regarding my proposed mods?


:confused: Lastly, I went through my manual, but cannot see any information on removing the carrier; anybody know the easiest way to remove the carrier?


Thanks In Advance!



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After you have removed the trigger group from the receiver, CAREFULLY remove the "D" spring from the retainer pin tube (on the left side of the trigger group). Failure to CAREFULLY remove the "D" spring will result in another unwanted piece of space debris and a call to Brownell's. Ask me how I know... The retainer pin tube then slides out the right side of the trigger group SLOOOWLY and CAREFULLY as there are two other springs under tension (hammer spring and shell carrier return spring) being held in place by the tube. Note carefully the order in which the trigger group tries to randomly disassemble itself before your very eyes as this will help immeasurably when attempting to re-establish a nodding acquaintance between those parts. It may be of interest to you that the "D" spring is not absolutely necessary for the safe function of the shotgun. But if you, like me, are just anal about having the final assembly equal the sum of the original parts you may find this viciously necessary. Let us know your success level as you may qualify for either applause or derision. I qualified for the latter category.

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