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  1. Looking for a 26" vent-rib barrel for a M1S90 3-gun shotgun. Gonna keep the 21" VR but want the option to go longer.
  2. Briley Mfg in Houston did the trigger in my 3-Gun M1S90 and it's as good a trigger job as I've shot. No creep, 2.5# break and short reset. $85 if memory serves. http://www.briley.com/
  3. Gonna drag this back from the bonepile. Seems even if I can't find the Clark Custom part at Brownell's, folks that know what they're doing can. here's the link to the Clark Custom part http://www.brownells.com/aspx/ns/store/ProductDetail.aspx?p=5022&title=SHOTGUN+MAGAZINE+BAND Tighten it firmly then add a couple wraps of tape if you want to belt-and-suspender it. [ 12-06-2006, 09:52 PM: Message edited by: MyBoyElroy ]
  4. Clark Custom Guns made the one on my 3-gun M1. It's much stronger than the factory part. I got the one Clark makes for an 1100 and it fits fine. Looked at Brownell's and Midway and they don't seem to carry the Clark clamp any longer. Might have to contact Clark Custom in Princeton, Louisiana to get one.
  5. Information on "CLP" from the Maryland AR15 Shooters Site: Looked up the NSN 9150-01-102-1473 on the supply computer today and found 4 CAGE numbers for suppliers of CLP. I have posted the manufacturers names here before. The PRIME CAGE number is for ROYCO, which means if you order CLP you are going to get ROYCO's CLP, UNLESS you request a substitute CAGE or for some reason the PRIME CAGE's product is unavailable, then the supply system starts filling the orders with the secondary CAGE's product. I called the SAN-BAR company (Break-Free) and they explained a few things: The
  6. Beretta has a new viral video of Scott Robertson shooting an Extrema2 that puts both of those to shame. It was filmed at Dallas' Elm Fork Shotgun Sports on Thursday October fifth. As an indie production company made it, it's not a Beretta produced video but a Beretta authorized video. I was shown the original and promised a copy by a Beretta factory rep at the Texas Womens Shooting Sports Foundation shooting clinic last weekend but I'm still waiting... Let me say Scott Robertson is one amazing shooter. [ 10-13-2006, 07:54 PM: Message edited by: MyBoyElroy ]
  7. Puts me in good company. The post was by M4Madness. He's a member here as well. [/QB]M4Madness may be a good guy. Don't know him. My comment is in reference to the website where the information is posted. The signal-to-noise ratio there is as low as it can get. More bad information and kiddie talk comes from that site than any other of which I am aware since it was taken over by airsofters and teenagers.
  8. Consider the source of the information. It is a highly unreliable source. People call ar15.com the "disinformation cowpath". There is a reason for that and why quality people like Pat Rogers, David Tubb et al left there long ago. [ 10-10-2006, 06:39 AM: Message edited by: MyBoyElroy ]
  9. You better make **** certain ALL your paperwork is complete and in order BEFORE you cross into Mexico AND before you attempt to leave Mexico. That means all your firearms and all ammunition too. To the last **** round. ANY MISTAKES OR MISSED FORMS AND TACO THE RUMP RANGER WILL BE YOUR CELLMATE FOR A LOOONG TIME. Mexicans do not like Americans. They are a lower form of life. Better to rent firearms from your outfitter and buy ammunition while in Mexico. Make **** certain NOTHING you carry can be construed as "military caliber" by the Federales or you will NEVER SEE IT AGAIN and again Tac
  10. e-Bay. Click on Sporting Goods and type in Benelli. There are always some for sale there.
  11. MyBoyElroy

    sbe wood

    If Bob W doesn't take the set I'm very interested and want to be second in line. Thank you.
  12. After you have removed the trigger group from the receiver, CAREFULLY remove the "D" spring from the retainer pin tube (on the left side of the trigger group). Failure to CAREFULLY remove the "D" spring will result in another unwanted piece of space debris and a call to Brownell's. Ask me how I know... The retainer pin tube then slides out the right side of the trigger group SLOOOWLY and CAREFULLY as there are two other springs under tension (hammer spring and shell carrier return spring) being held in place by the tube. Note carefully the order in which the trigger group tries to randomly
  13. Pull the trigger group and send it to Briley's in Houston for a crisp 3 1/2 pound trigger. Cost $75.
  14. Top 2 pics are what is known as "Idaho Reload" technique in 3-gun. Bottom two pics are known as a sloppy transition to sidearm.
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