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laser mount


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Good Afternoon Everyone:


I'm wanting to mount a Wicked Laser (http://www.wickedlasers.com) high power (300 mw!) Spyder II GX on my M4 (after I get the new Surefire 4 rail forend). Does anyone know of anyone making an adaptable mount that would hold the cylindrical Spyder II GX and mount to a rail?




p.s. The Spyder is so powerful that you can light fires, blaze through fabrics/plastics and can bee seen from over 100 miles away (a great survival beacon as well as non-lethal visual stun weapon).



[email protected]

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Before doing that, you should find out what sort of protection it has against shock. Those lasers aren't necessarily designed to put up with the recoil and they could eitehr be damaged or thrown off zero by recoil (not like zero matters a whole bunch with a shotgun).


EOtechs are tested to withstand like 3500 G's of acceleration for 25 milliseconds (recoil of a .454 casull revolver) without breaking, and they function fine on a shotgun. Perhaps the maker can give you shock resistance specifications.


Am i just being overly concerned?


Another thing, you should research the legality of that particular laser; like 5mW is the max for most pen-type lasers. 300 mW could get you into trouble if it were used against someone (that could seriously incinerate someone's retina).

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Also, just from experience, I've seen green lasers ranging from 5-25 mW in day and night, and they are both PLENTY bright and emit a solid stream of light that can be seen from any angle. During the day, evena 5mW laser is clearly visible in the broad sunlight.


If it comes to intimidation, i think a 5mW is still gonna work. If you notice with lasers, if its being pointed near you it appears VERY bright (you see the beam and the emissions from the actual laser diode). If you want the target to know you got a bead on him, a 5mW laser is gonna do a good job. I mean, we're talking about marginal returns here, spending hundreds on a laser is not a good investment if you can get somewhat the same results with 60-70 bucks.


if you really want to spend that much, by a surefire (i think thats the company) green laser. They are one of the only green lasers specifically designed to be mounted on a rifle or shotgun. They are pricey though, like 500 bucks or something.

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